We’ve all seen the new rash of State Farm commercials where the agents pop up and policyholders ask for things that have absolutely nothing to do with the vehicle.

Let’s take a look at this ad:

As soon as the ad begins, we see the “angry black woman” who is going off on the boyfriend. She is twisting her neck saying how she told him he was parked to close but “nooooobody” ever listens to her. She’s very loud and causing a scene in public.

It gets worse when the girlfriend asks the agent for a new boyfriend and the current boyfriend goes from wearing a sweatshirt to wearing no shirt, tight abs and a dog chain around his neck. To me, this suggests black women are not happy with a normal looking man, they prefer a thug-type character with a gym toned body. And we all know what the stereotypes say about the thug type….drugs, guns, etc.

 Next, the boyfriend asks for a new girlfriend and gets a lighter skinned, thin woman with larger breasts that are falling out of her shirt and daisy duke shorts. She looks like a video model. This suggests that black men prefer this type of women. This is confirmed when the girlfriend says after the transformation, “So this is what you like?” and the boyfriend replies, “Yes”. Then the woman says she was “perfectly fine the way she was”.

So according to State Farm, it’s ok for black women to change the man to her preference (thug) but when the black man changes her to his preference (fair skinned woman with large breasts), there is a problem…….hmmm…..