Sheila D. Cochran: Unprecedented Power!

I know and hope by now all of you are fully aware of what has taken place in the Governor’s Budget Repair bill that is now in the hands of the Republican Legislature.  Needless to say elections have consequences, and we are seeing the result of our worst fears, unfortunately there are and will be some who still just don’t get it.  As a trade unionist I will and do stand with my fellow union brothers and sisters. 

Even if you aren’t a member of a union your services are provided by members, your family members may be and we all are dependent upon the services provided by them, even Homeland Security.

So that it is clear, if this bill is passed, our public sector unions do not have the right to bargain for anything but wages, and those wages are capped at the CPI.

No seniority, No health and safety, No job conditions, simply put NOTHING!! It is as if wages are the only thing this administration thinks a union is about, and we know better.  This is the use of unprecedented power and extremism and there is no other way to put it. 

The Wisconsin Legislature will be voting on a bill that will strip away our right to bargain collectively.  Our jobs and our rights are at stake and we need to tell the legislature that enough is enough; we will not stand by and watch our rights be stripped away. 

Please call our legislative hotline at 1-877-753-5578 to speak to your State Senator and ask them to oppose taking away the rights of bus drivers, teachers, nurses, snowplow drivers, school counselors, health care workers, sanitation workers, corrections officers, sewer and water workers, and all the other hard-working public servants of our state. 

Sheila D. Cochran
Secretary Treasurer/Chief Operating Officer
633 South Hawley Road, Suite 110
Milwaukee, WI 53214
Office 414-771-7070  ext.14
Fax  414-771-0509
Cell 414-530-7080
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3 Responses to Sheila D. Cochran: Unprecedented Power!

  1. disrael says:

    When did poor and working people become anti-worker, anti-union. This election cycle is the greatest example of getting people to work against themselves that I have ever seen. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is being shaped by REVOLUTION.

  2. Wonder Woman says:

    Unions need to get in line with reality!! First off let union members decide if they want to be in the union and secondly, the benefit increases are still SWEET compared to what Joe Citizen is paying in the real world. I am with Walker on this one at 12% med benefits and 5.6% pay into pensions, you should be thanking Walker!
    7500 will get to keep their jobs, no furloughs or layoffs and 200,000 kids, most from Milwaukee’s inner city get to stay on Badgercare. So Sheila and others whose gravy train is about to end, welcome to reality!!
    They make their money staging protests and never cared about us, so why should we care about them? They never once cared about regular workers and their rights, they only care about the union payouts and under the table $$$ for keeping the “sheep” in line and the public fooled.
    Of course if I had one of those sweet union jobs, I would be upset too. But funny how these underpaid and overworked people have all the time in the world to protest. Maybe now we can get some good customer service from our state offices. No more 1 hour coffee breaks and making good employess have to suffer having to drag bad ones along. A new day in Wisconsin, We ARE open for business. Tax payers are #1 and unions are not. That is what these people are upset about.

  3. MilwNewsProducer says:

    You what’s crazy is that these unions are SO organized it doesn’t make sense. These fools got rallies in Milwaukee and Madison.

    I told another producer at my station. I don’t think blacks in America could organize this quickly and well if the United State’s government made us 3/5 of a person all over again.

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