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Nig3as are scared of revolution, REPEAT LOUDER!!  That was the stand of The Last Poets, some 40 years ago.  You may have agreed, you may have thought them Negroes crazy.  Either way, you did have an opinion.   Fast forward to 2011;   There is this thing called the internet.  There is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.   Ideas can spread around the world in seconds.  Information can be obtained and disseminated instantly. Weapons and plowshares can be procured from anywhere in the world, overnight.  Anyone serious about revolution  certainly now has all the tools they need. In the case of Blacks in America there seems to be one key element missing, revolutionaries.  Most Blacks in America these days aint even mad.  A blunt, a date and  a job lulls most of us to sleep like warm milk.  These actions in Tunisia, and Egypt both which are in Africa, were immediately called uprisings and revolutions.  They were conceived and implemented in large part through young people on the internet. Why is it when African-American youth take to the street it is called rioting?  Revolutionary change will call for tweeting less about which co-worker is sleeping with whom and exchanging more  information on Facebook about  political rallies instead of flash mobs at the mall.  There at least has to be a conversation about the need for change, revolutionary change, in the African-American community or  maybe……just maybe….. Niggas are scared of revolution….. Power to the People.