Local talker Eric Von proudly announced his embracing of conservative brother #1 James T. Harris (620 WTMJ) and his ideology. Von is giving Harris a weekly 90 minute spot on his radio program as part of a panel for a segment he does. He waxed on and on about how important it is for his audience to hear from all political viewpoints. Harris is replacing another Black conservative (Gerard Randall) on this panel. 

For pure entertainment value and selfish reasons… I pray that JTH doesn’t sanitize his commentary for a Black audience now. I look forward to seeing how Von’s listeners respond to hearing JTH assault their ideology on “their’ airwaves as he does each weeking on WTMJ. Does JTH have the sack to do that? Not sure… who knows, maybe the brothers and sisters will show him some love and return his pass and give him access once again.

BTW, I think the segment airs each week on Thurdays but check you local listings to be sure. The Black conservative takeover may not be televised, but it is being broadcast.

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