This is Not Your Parents Union Anymore!

The New Union Cartels.

For the past few weeks our state has been engaged in a debate over unions and their right to Collectively Bargain and for fair concessions that will keep Wisconsin “open for business.”

A few things struck me as I talked and debated with people from both sides. One thing that was obvious is that there is a large number of people that still think unions are the same organizations they once were fifty years ago when they took hold in our state. In those first years, unions did stand for equality and fairness in the workplace. They championed the middle class worker and voiced opposition to unfair work environments and wages. They offered protection for those who had no other recourse when injustice reared its ugly head.

But fast- forward to 2011, and see what unions have become. They are equal to the fat cat Wall Street tycoons using Collective Bargaining to hold states hostage with unfair demands, moving the pendulum of politics to their side with big money and bullying tactics rival to the DNR and RNC respectively. They own the very health insurance companies that we pay into. Yes United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and WEA Trust. They are an integral part of the national problem of healthcare gone wrong. Yet your tax dollars fully fund WEA and you can guess what their invoices for medical services look like. If you thought St. Luke’s, Columbia, or Wheaton Franciscan were taxing for aspirin, WEA triple’s the cost and passes the expense on to you, the unknowing taxpayer.

One of many owned and operated union businesses, WEA Trust is an insurance company established by Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC). WEA Trust has grown very fat on public dollars, with a net worth of $316 million and a team of 12 administrators all receiving compensation packages worth six figures per year.

The unions of today pump millions of our tax dollars into campaign funds each year and poison the very fabric of our moral fiber by tainting our elected government and political parties, influencing and misinforming voters, and using bullying tactics equal to “The Godfather” Vito Corleone for Cadillac compensations and benefits for themselves as well and subsequently for their workers. Ask yourselves, how can they afford to reserve hotel rooms and banquet halls, providing computer access and bringing in people from all around the country to harass elected officials and influence the media outlets? Think of the money they must be paying, your money they are paying, to do this ongoing with no end in sight. This is not the union that stands with the working man anymore; they have become fraudulent, exploitive sheep headers leading us all off a cliff, a point of no return. We must rein them in and remind them for who and what they stand if their union members will not.

They can no longer be just seen for what they used to do, fighting for the injustices of innocent union members, standing for equal pay, and such trivial issues. We must begin to see the ugliness of what they actually do as well. Yes there is some good still there, but as with any unattended child, they have regressed into a monster of a villain, hoodwinking many into thinking they are still the innocent virgin at the prom. I assure they are not that anymore! Look how they are willing to sell out 7500 jobs, leaving these unlucky union members unemployed, laid off, or worse, fired. We simply cannot afford to fund the long standing reality that government jobs are superior to the private sector. There should be no “reward” or incentive for one servant’s labor over another. We should all be equally valued workers giving our best. And those who do not serve well should not be protected by a union shill just because. We need to see results for benefits, pay to play if you will!

Most people do not realize the “contributions” unions make in campaign donations, well into the hundreds of millions. People certainly do not realize that unions own some of our elected government. They are not our parents union anymore as they have shown in actions and deeds that they are as corrupt as any corporation or big business enterprise or mogul. Some of our elected have sold their souls to the unions and can no longer represent us fairly and equally, thus debauching the democratic process.

Franklin D Roosevelt, the “New Deal” Democratic president warned against the unholy matrimony of unions and government. In a letter dated July 14, 1937, he stated:

“The desire of Government employees for fair and adequate pay, reasonable hours of work, safe and suitable working conditions, development of opportunities for advancement, facilities for fair and impartial consideration and review of grievances, and other objectives of a proper employee relations policy, is basically no different from that of employees in private industry. Organization on their part to present their views on such matters is both natural and logical, but meticulous attention should be paid to the special relationships and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the Government.”

This singular issue of government and union relationships compelled the federal government not to allow Collective Bargaining to this day. They knew full well how this relationship would destroy democracy and so it has. States all over the country (24 to be exact with more on states jumping on the bandwagon), do not have Collective Bargaining and have replaced this “bargaining” with equal opportunity resources that continue to champion the rights of our government employees while sharing concern for the taxpayers they represent. Wisconsin and Walker need to make the case to the workers and to taxpayers that we DO INDEED have in place, fail safes to prevent bad work environments and comprehensive salary/wage and benefit packages. We do have several entities that mirror each other in protecting all workers public and private. I might add in this day and age of living viral, all it takes is a push of the button, and you are YouTube’s next sensation with a legal firm and millions on the way! Liken to winning the lottery really.

In my opinion, Walker is correct to deal with this issue right off the bat. He was given a clear mandate by the majority of this state in November. We as a state need to decide do we really want to cut spending and move forward or do we want to give unions and big business more power and more influence over our tax dollars. Unions do not loose sleep at night watching states fall in to the peril of bankruptcy. Hence California!! Instead they enjoy buying into failed corporations like what we saw in the UAW vs. GM debacle. They kissed their workers goodbye and became members of GM without a blink of the eye!

Did we elect Walker to be a RINO (Republican In Name Only) or to get an ugly job done? Somebody has to get our state back on track! Do we want to leave our kids in debt or act like we are fiscally responsible? Do we want to continue living like there is money growing on an endless tree somewhere? I for one would like to see unions provide ballot voting by their union members for the union to exist. I would like to see an end to government unions financing politicians from any party, and I would like to see unions open up their books to show where all their money is spent and what they own. They need to be taxed like businesses if they want to operate like one. Their insurance and other companies need to adhere to the same laws that other businesses do. For too long we have kept the image of what unions used to be in our heads, because we don’t like what unions look like now. In order for this state and this nation to move forward we must face the demons that keep us oppressed. Government unions, not their members, have overstepped their bounds and must be treated as the money grubbing cartels that they have become, assaulting our very right to live and enjoy the same freedoms as they do.

And one last point if Walker was wrong, why is Mayor Tom Barrett suggesting the same concessions be made at the local level? Again proving Walker IS on to something here!

One little aside, AFSCME, one of the main unions outraged by the mess in Wisconsin gloats about how underpaid they are. Check out how miserably paid they really are:

Do union workers get higher wages?

Taken from the AFSCME Website!!

Yes. Workers who are union members earn 30 percent more than non-union workers. Union wages are even greater for women and people of color. Women and African Americans represented by unions earn over 33 percent more than their non-union counterparts. And Latino workers with the union advantage make over 46 percent more than those not represented by a union.

On Wisconsin!!

Peace Family,