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The Milwaukee United Townhall Rally

3 thoughts on “The Milwaukee United Townhall Rally

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  1. I would not want Mr. Jackson representing me! Of all the people. I heard him talking on the radio with his fake support to Barak reminding myself of the sick comment he made ahout President Obama not so long ago.
    This is an attempt by Jesse to get back in the game.

  2. – just trying to get out the word on all of the solidarity and recall effrts around the state—directory at this link. I heard Jesse Jackson speak when he ran for President 20 years ago. I heard him here a little over 1 week ago. I know some have mixed feelings about him, but he is a powerful presence and he is on our side. I hope it went well today in Milwaukee. Solidarity to you and best wishes to all in Milwaukee from a Madison girl. – blue cheddar [@bluecheddar1 on twitter ]

  3. Jesse Jackson, now that is a hero to hold up.
    As with Michael Moore who we found out has ownership of Halliburton. They are all hypocirites with their own agendas and needs for the spotlight!

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