Visit the Wisconsin Department of Administration website and look up “Budget in Brief” to find this and other information regarding the budget. The Drum received this document from a Waukesha County School District resident. These memos were sent out to all the parents of children in their district and we were told the teachers are not happy.

There are some interesting changes Gov. Walker is looking to pull of. The one that stands out to me is found in the last bulleted point on page 1. It is the repeal of the requirement that charter school teachers hold a DPI teacher license and the only requirement is to have a bachelor’s degree.

This won’t be popular, but I know several professionals that want to get involved in education and do not because of the licensing requirement. If this gets repealed I know that some will get involved in charter schools and they will have a positive impact on students. There will be more Black Male teachers as a result of this sea change.

Now, many of the other items on this list I have issues with. And there are many, many other things in the overall budget I don’t like. One thing I’m consistent with is slamming legislation on the people. Gov. Walker is bullying people in this state and I don’t like that and if this is a sign of how he will govern, I won’t have much positive to say about him.