I’m going thru the fight of my life trying to help my son and others who have been unjustly accused and convicted for a crime they clearly did not commit.  I’ve tried to reach out to my political organizations with no results.  It seems that we as black people don’t care until it lands on your door step.  What is going on in Milwaukee WI and other cities is not being addressed.  The police are incarcerating our black men at an alarming rate and you would be surprised at how many of these young men are actually innocent.  As with the incident with my son. He would have to have been a magacian  to do what he’s accused of.  And he was found guilty by a jury that clearly did not listen to the instructions of the judge which was if u have a tiny doubt of  his innocence u should find him not guilty.  The doubt that his very good atty brought out was in 20 to 30 minutes of a very bloody murder his client was stopped and taken to jail, police didn’t take a test for gun powder residue which could have cleared him right away. 

It was proven he had on the same light blue shirt with no blood evidence.  1 witness said the murderer had a red shirt on , was 5’10 weighed 170lbs,  my son is  5’5″ 138lbs .  Also he has hair on his face  which the witness says the murderer didn’t have.  There are other discrepancies too.  So what  is going on ?  The police, detectives and the judge dropped the ball in this case so now my son is going to prison for something he clearly did not do. And nobody cares.  I know about the appeal process but  it should have been done right the first time.  My son does not have a bad record,  always worked and was starting a new job  the day after all this occurred.  Please let me know if u can suggest something that we or other organizations might be able to do to help before this young man’s life is ruined. 

Thank You, 

Marsha Booker