The Real JoAnne Kloppenburg: Abortion Advocate or Judicial Leader?

Long after the national media and outside interests leave our fair state, long after the budget cuts set in, long after union unrest and protests and boycotts reach closure, and long after this governor and state legislators come and go, we will have to live with the “choice” of whom we want to represent the laws of this state and their rulings that will outlive us in many cases. This person should not interpret laws according to their associations but have the ability to look at each case individually and judge on the spirit of the laws we already have on the books, or deliver wisdom and unbiased justice in new rulings.

Judicial Integrity Beyond Reproach!

I believe that JoAnne  Kloppneburg more so than David Prosser, is lacking due process and her avoidance of talking about judicial integrity and her overreaching about Scott Walker concerns me as a citizen of this state. Sure she totes the company line but that line is the same in every talk she gives as if it was scripted down to the pauses.

So where does she really stand? Since she is taking tax money to run she is not using donations in this campaign, except from which she collected prior to her general election bid in February. Her past donors are linked to the DNR from which she led for some years. Those donations are also comprised of big time Pro-Abortion organizations.  Her affiliates on the left are in support of her and of course now we see unions and the like now on board the train. If she considered herself a non-partisan candidate, why then does she go out of her way to link herself with such groups? Why is David Prosser standing alone for the most part without big money in tow? If he was truly in Scott Walker’s pocket, I have yet to see the Koch Brothers stamp of approval on his candidacy.

The money dumped into her initial campaign from big time murder profiteers causes me great angst. As a proud mother of four angels God has blessed me with, my biggest concern is the impact of abortion especially as it relates to my beloved Black community. We have entities like Planned Parenthood that operate off the generational systemic failings of our people and the “kill order” on our innocent lives using tax money to justify it. Kloppenburg would support Planned Parenthood and their “right” to continue this practice and receive government funding.

“Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortion provider, received $363 million in the 2008-2009 year, which is the last annual report to be released. Planned Parenthood’s claim that government funds only go for mammograms, prenatal care and adoptions is ludicrous because these services are miniscule compared to the number of abortions performed at their clinics and these health care services are diminishing each year, while the number of abortions performed steadily increases.

What’s more, money is fungible. It stands to reason that if a facility receives support (in grants and contracts, as in this case) for one part of its services then money is freed up to spend on other services. You don’t keep the lights on in just one room.”

Taken from: Virginia O’Beirne


No matter what party people subscribe too, there seems to be a common “protection” from both parties publically or privately, for Planned Parenthood and abortion! Just recently we saw in the news a mass murderer, a Black “doctor,” who didn’t even bother to properly dispose of the remains of these lives interrupted and the ridiculous money he made by doing back alley abortions on the tax payer dime.

As I tried to find information about the State Supreme Court Nominees, I was surprised to be blasted by the mere question of whether Kloppenburg was Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion. Which of course made me curious as to why such an impartial question caused such tyrannical squall? As we have seen way too many times in the Black community many lives have been snuffed out before they had a chance to make it on this earth. Surely the person who tried to have a go at me had something to hide and after reading a few pieces on this woman, I can see why. She is a supporter of that old mentality to “save” us from ourselves by reducing the Black community and “helping” us with our poverty by eliminating our babies. Not on my watch!

If anyone remembers, there was a short but effective PSA while our country elected its first bi-racial president. It simply stated that he was here because his mother chose life! Funny how later he admits he does not want his daughters to be “punished with a baby.” I of course am awaiting the new messiah or future leader, or great human being. I hope that he/she would not be found in the incinerator of some hospital or abortion clinic, or born than bludgeoned in the back of the head, or worse yet a victim of infanticide waiting to die in the garbage room of some facility.

This race, more so than any political race coming up, goes further than Scott Walker, AFSCME, or anything in today’s news. It has a much deeper meaning and impact for us and our future which we must protect on all levels!!

Peace Family,


A Black Woman’s Voice: Abortion Hurts our Community

End the Ignorance Now!

By Michele Jackson

It is impossible to become energized to fix a problem if you do not know it exists. Many Black Americans do not know that over 1.3 million babies are dying from abortion each year. They do not know that about 34% of those dying are Black babies, meaning some 440,000 Black children die by abortion each year. Many Black Americans perceive abortion as a political fight, something having little to do with their daily lives. They could not be more wrong. We must make our community see abortion as a problem in our homes. Otherwise how can we ask that abortion be put on the agenda of critical problems to fix within the Black community? How can we call it a genocide or a manifestation of white supremacist thinking, as we call drugs in our community, if it is not common knowledge that abortion has killed nearly 12 million Black babies since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision? In other words, those of us who know the truth about the enormous destructiveness of abortion have a special obligation to make abortion not an abstraction but something intensely personal to the less informed.

The problem of drugs in the Black community is personal. Many of us know the men and women dying from and being destroyed by drugs. They are not just statistics to us. They are not somebody else’s problem. They are part of our families. They have connections in the community and we have a leadership grappling for ways to solve the drug problem.

The aborted baby dies a violent death before even being allowed to come into the world; typically we do not even know her name. Her mother often suffers the loss of her child in lonely silence. Her family might not even know the woman was pregnant and that a relative had existed and was killed. Our community has never gotten the chance to feel these losses consciously and collectively. Also our media-appointed national leadership has treated the problem of abortion by consistently advocating policies that increase the number of abortions.

However, the women suffering abortion in silence, and their dead children, are a part of our community in staggering numbers. We have the job of rallying the community to stop the killing of our children. We have the job of rallying the community to find better solutions to pregnancy than killing the baby, than pitting mother against child.

But government and health care policies often discourage Black women from choosing life for their babies. Our nation’s policies are often based on the premise that Black people’s poverty is caused by their reproduction. Blaming the birthrate for poverty ignores the political, social, economic, and individual reasons for people being poor.

The public funding of abortion advocacy groups at a time of drastic cuts in welfare spending is particularly significant. This willingness to facilitate abortion for poor women, who are disproportionately Black, but not to address their basic needs, is strong evidence that much of the government is more interested in population reduction than in improving poor women’s welfare. Government funding of organizations such as Planned Parenthood, one of the nation’s largest providers of abortion clinics, reinforces the beliefs that the “solution” to Black poverty is to curb Black reproduction, that the fertility of Black women is fearsome, and that Black women do not deserve to be mothers.

American culture, unfortunately, upholds no popular image of a Black mother tenderly nurturing her child. Instead America has been bombarded with the image of the Black matriarch who demoralizes Black men and transmits a pathological lifestyle to her children, perpetuating poverty and antisocial behavior from one generation to the next.

Advocates of abortion told us in the 1970s that legalized abortion would dramatically reduce poverty and extend the rights of women. Twenty-five years later and with 12 million children dead, half of Black America is still poor and Americans devalue motherhood, especially black motherhood. Enough is enough.

Michele Jackson, a black leader in her community, is an at-large board director for the National Right to Life Committee.


Source: Leftist Groups Funding JoAnne Kloppenburg’s Run For State Supreme Court