Sen. Cullen (D.) is selling out his own democratic colleagues just days after a 3 week standoff (or abscence) opposing Gov. Walker’s Budget Repair Bill. Cullen is proposing legislation that will end the need for a quorum as presently required in the state’s constitution regarding senate votes. This is just the latest example as to why democrats cannot govern locally or nationally… they refuse to stand with each other. Republicans – like them or loathe them – never break ranks and dare you to oppose their ideology. The go to the mat fighting for what they believe in. You have to give them credit for never backing down to democrats… it’s clear that democrats would rather be liked or get along with their opposition party rather than dictate to them. In my opinion, the democrats wear the stinch of losers and are afraid to govern… they are always seeking bi-partisanship instead of doing what they believe is best. It’s pathetic.

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