Cut through all the histrionics and the self-righteous indignation, Wisconsinites will find that the political and economic landscape has changed (for the better) especially for those school districts who did not rush to cut sweet heart deals with unions ahead of this liberating law. Some of you realize how trans-formative this is. It puts citizens back in control of their schools, rewards good teachers with merit pay and will ultimately improve the quality of education our children deserve.

This is the first school superintendent and school board president to speak up and as the law becomes reality, there is no doubt in my mind that you will hear an overwhelming chorus of similar voices praising its merits!

Unfortunately for those of you in districts with teacher union dominated school boards who did rush ahead to cut deals before the Budget Repair Bill becomes law, you will be limited to the distasteful choice of eliminating positions and programs because your boards limited your options with these very lucrative deals.