I Need Answers….

I have questions and I want answers from everyone who reads this blog. I am not attempting to ignite any fires, but as a 21 year old Black woman trying to make a positive mark in this world, I need answers to these questions from white people and black people alike. I will not judge you for what you say (I can’t speak for other commentators however), I am just curious. Let’s begin:

#1. Why is it when white people tan, it’s ok, but when black people use skin bleaching creams it’s  form of “self-hate”?


#2. Why is it when white people wear extensions and get perms to make their hair curly, it’s ok, but when black people wear extensions and get perms to make their hair straight, it’s “being unhappy in their skin”

#3. Why is blonde hair and blue eyes the standard of beauty? Can White America not stand to see someone with darker skin be more successful, more talented than them? Is this why black people skin bleach–because society says “white is right”



#4. What the hell happened to Barbie?

#5. Why do so many plus-sized celebrities say they are sooo comfortable in their skin, they don’t mind being overweight, but then two years later, they lose all the weight…does the new Barbie have something to do with this?


She hasn't loss weight, but is she accepted as beautiful in our society?

#6. Why is President Obama referred to as the first black president instead of bi-racial president? Is that not PC? Is it ok to ignore the white half of him? Or is it the “one-drop rule” that makes him completely black?

#7. Why is Charlie Sheen seen as a hero, entertaining, ratings on his show  shooting through the roof, selling out comedy shows and being applauded for “winning” across the nation during his crack binges but Bobby and Whitney were hung on the cross?

#8. Is this what kids are learning in cartoons?

#9. Juan Williams said a few days ago “You think that simply saying what you think is evidence of bigotry that all of a sudden it’s as if you were walking by a black man that would mean if you were bigoted if you were somewhat nervous. Let me just tell you, with the amount of black on black crime in America, I get nervous and I’m a black man.” on the O’Reilly factor. Is it ok for him, as a Black man to say he is afraid of his own people? If he was white and said this, what would happen? Or does it not matter because of the negative stereotype already stamped on Black men?



I’m listening….


About Shakara

I am a recent UWM grad with a bachelor's degree in journalism. My goal is to have my own television show where I can reach out to my people. I also desire to have a youth center for inner city kids struggling to find guidance. I will be starting a radio show in summer 2012...Brown Sugar & Spice.
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4 Responses to I Need Answers….

  1. Wonder Woman says:

    Great story.
    I think some of these issues are born from the ongoing feud between SOME blacks regarding skin color. I remember getting my butt kicked for being light and almost white. Then as I got to college, I found lots of this same thought but I also found people who were trying to fight this paper bag rule.
    With Juan he holds conversations that are not meant for public debate sometimes, but are conversations WE should have. Why are we afraid? I will admit locking a door based on how one looks coming past me. Was it right? Was I judging? Yes I was but I been burned too many times.
    As for the rest, we still do not face racism head on, instead with this president it is growing and flourishing because he calls for a beer summit and it all goes away. Really? He himself does not embrace both sides equally and I find that disrespectful of our unique biracial heritages and it is also a lie to hold up one race over the other especially when you were raised “white!” I too had a strong German upbringing and we cannot say we know what blacks go through even if we are dark. We can only experience racism to a certain extreme. We are processing it with white mothers how cannot help us process it as a black parent would, or better yet a black man.
    With Charlie Sheen, and Dog the Bounty Hunter, remember how they made racist statements and nothing was done, they are still popular and still funny and loveable?
    But on the other hand we see so many black folk reach a certain point than try to acquire the white lifestyle that says you have to look this way, act that way, buy this, stay away from “them.” They live like trained circus monkeys and do not bring with them the people or culture who propelled them forward. There are those of us who “keep it real” and see where they end up? The media paints them as crazy, deranged, too black. Look at Wesley, he tried to take on the government, prepare blacks and teach term how to sustain life independently and he was jailed. Pamela Anderson and Nick Cage owe way more and they ain’t going to jail!
    Once Eddie Murphy said in Bowfinger, if I played a crazy retarded army man I would get an Oscar. Is he wrong? We always got to be angry or villainous or naked to get credit from Hollywood. We get no love on Wall Street. Beyonce has to shake her butt, whiten up to stay mainstream…
    This society has many ills so I guess we keep pushing race to the side but as we see with the new census, it will not be long before this comes to an abrupt end and we take over in numbers alone. I hope by then we find our own political parties and support black businesses and history so we can create a new path and not turn into the same hateful society we are a part of.
    I do think not all whites are not racist, but a good number of them do not realize or understand our plight and sometimes we don’t help.
    Thanks for writing this sis!!
    I could go on, but I will let others get in on a real topic…

  2. yoSAMite says:

    #1 Tanning is a somewhat natural experience, some of us are so white we just burn bright red, then peel.
    #2 I’m a guy, what do I know about these things : )
    #3 I blame the Beach Boys and the song California Girls.
    #4 I don’t play with dolls, so I don’t know what happened to her. Seems she got some more shape.
    #5 Obviously they aren’t comfortable being larger. We celebrate because it takes self control to lose weight, quite smoking, etc and if someone works hard at something we should encourage them.
    #6 That’s a heck of a question. I’ve heard it from the “right” and I think the core question of racism does scare people so it’s better to say nothing then to dig for truth.
    #7 Sheen’s a bozo
    #9 I think it’s a situation that makes one nervous more than “people”.

    WW – I think you are correct when you say “a good number of them do not realize or understand our plight.” Because racism is something few white’s experience we cannot really understand what goes on from a black point of view. I recently talked to a person who was explaining some of what they went through and I was flabbergasted. I had no idea, nor would my life experience lead me to. That doesn’t mean I don’t care, it means I don’t approach life from that perspective. I told them that though I recognize skin color it isn’t the real them and that I don’t consider their skin color, eye color, body build anything more than an “adjective” of who they truly are. This body will pass away but the spirit will last forever.

    • Teemu says:

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  3. disrael says:

    You MUST understand White Supremacy!!!. This belief system states that anything that is not from, about or promoting White culture is inferior and subject to disrespect, disdain and/or destruction. It also insists that White people control all aspects of life, economics, politics, entertainment, religion, etc. This is the beginning of racism, all the other ills stem from this thought process. White people cannot enjoy the fruits of White supremacy and not speak out against it while maintaining that they are not racist. Peace

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