HOOD WINKED! In the hood, more and more people are starting to see 2+2 DO NOT = 4.


In the hood, more and more people are starting to understand or realize 2+2 DO NOT = 4.

People are waking up to understand that supporting rich union white men means less and less WE get in government benefits and discretionary spending for those of us needing government assistance just to get by these days. Yes this means you, you waiting on Vliet to get your Quest and BadgerCare. I’m talking to those of you who are waiting to get scholarships and aid for school, daycare, and medicine. Those of us holding our breath to see what kinds of co-pays we will be assessed for BadgerCare after this mess is over with. Make sure you understand what is really at stake before you go out there and keep supporting that tired old mantra about Republicans and who is against us. It is going to cost us big time if we keep supporting those who do not support us! Who else do you think they will pick on if we don’t stand one good time and voice our objections to this new union master?

Surprisingly I hear this more and more and I think people are getting it!! We are either for rich white men getting more money and keeping their billions, or we are united in a joint effort and alliance to support this Republican governor for the good of our own cause….US!

Located in the heart of the Inner City of Milwaukee Wisconsin is the JUSTUS League Headquarters and right there is where I sit in my fortress of solitude and ponder over this mess of an urban dwelling that used to be so vibrant and full of life. I can only think what one thing remains constant.

The DEMOCRAT Party’s Choke hold On the Black Community!

Blacks move in and out, other races move out, jobs gone, drugs, crime, and disease back and festering to higher levels than ever before. The only thing that remains the same is our love for Democrats and everything they tell us to support. I have already embraced a different path and if not for those of us who call out this relationship gone bad, some people would just be happy with the same old, same old. I may not be any more right than the next person, but I see the devil in ALL his forms and this is not what the hell Democracy looks like when I walk down North Avenue.

Lena and Spencer talk, run, and they hide, but at the end of the day we all see the same thing. The hood is still the same as it ever was. They have made little if any impact, they throw us a bone every once in a while to make sure their Couriers, Journals, and Times keep their names visible but what do they really do for YOU?

They keep telling us “it’s the rich business wealthy, evil corporations” and those types raping our communities and taking our opportunities and jobs. Don’t you get tired of hearing the same ish over and over again? When will they own some of this problem and stop getting paid off the backs of blacks?

But WE need to call out the real demons if we’re ever going to get somewhere. I see the real criminals being OUR black representatives first and foremost! Another criminal of the black community is the talking head at the main “news” paper that seems to never do too much here in the city for our young black boys or writers, but sure knows how to stay paid. The other criminals are those black “blue blood” families and bougie negros who want to seem like us (when convenient), but are in bed with the devil himself. Those are the leaders of the attack and rape on black Milwaukee and black everybody! 

Ask yourself this question, they had it their way in this state for almost 2 decades and what did they accomplish? What good did you see from this state in its 2 decades of Democracy? Or will you let them off the hook by blaming GWB and other Republicans? The easy marks!

Let’s break it down shall we?

  • Increased costs for insurance for those of us driving. Thanks black representatives!
  • Payday loan scandals that directly hurt US because who else needs a loan. Thanks black representatives!
  • Lena, Spencer, Tamara are all union funded and branded. They also accept PayDay loan money and love a little something, something from the Arabs as well. Did you really think those corner stores and gas stations just opened up over night without some help? As much as Willie Hines worked to try and keep them at bay, his counterparts in the state worked equally as hard to make it easier for them to open up shop and avoid taxes OUR businesses must pay to do the same business.
  • Finger printing by police at random stops to place US in their databases to be called up when they need to pin something on US. Thanks black representatives!
  • Millions of dollars funneled to Cadillac pensions of white men running unions at the cost of our kids educations and futures.

So I say all this to start a discussion about what is OUR reality and what we expect and how do we use this next election to get what we need to not just maintain but to say ENOUGH!

They say people support them but if we look, there are more of us coming out to show some concern for our own way of life. What about you? Did you notice that Lena spent more time on getting Alberta Darling recalled than on your needs, finding jobs, and helping the truly poor? Does it concern you that she and our other black elected get big money to keep us “in line?” Are we sheep and they are our herders or are we going to back it up and flip the script to show them the muscle we have in this community.

Now I am not saying Republicans got it right all the time, but on this one issue, for this brief moment, we need to rise up and be counted. We need to say to hell with the Democrats this one time and start a new trend and take back both parties (possibly add a new party) and remind them who the hell is in charge and whose money counts in the end.


April 5th I am asking for your voice and your vote. Do not sit by idly and let them get away with the biggest lynching of all time on OUR poor. Will you join me? Will you send them a mandate that unions have their fair share and it is time we gets ours too!

Peace Family,



Analysis shows emails to Walker favored budget repair bill



Gov. Scott Walker was right: The angry crowds in Madison didn’t tell the whole story of how Wisconsinites felt.

In the week after Walker announced his plan to dramatically curtail public employees’ collective bargaining rights in the state budget repair bill, a wide majority of the emails to him expressed support, an analysis of those emails indicates.

They ALL know the only force to be reckoned with, the true silent, majority is the working poor and poor. We get dumped on, just because, by both parties because we are somehow content with the scraps we are given. I am not content to let the rich get richer.

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9 Responses to HOOD WINKED! In the hood, more and more people are starting to see 2+2 DO NOT = 4.

  1. Luonne Dumak says:

    i agree with you to a point. The Democrat Party has never done anything for any low or middle class working person. In all the books the I have read Democrat polices have cost the low and middle class of all colors and races money, jobs and a good education. take some time to read books by Thomas Sowell, Star Parker, Larry Elder and many other black authors. Just look at gas prices now. We have more oil,gas and coal in this Country than we need. Who has been stopping us from getting it ? the Dems and their left wing buddies. If we could drill for oil , gas and mine coal it would create thousands and thousands of jobs.Roy Innis of CORE wrote a small book called Energy Keepers -Energy Killers. The New Civil Rights Battl e for ALL AMERICANS. Those gas prices add to the cost of everything we buy,. Things like food, clothes, heat for our homes,, cost of running buses and just about everything you touch. The point were I disagee with you is, you seem to want to take money from the rich Union crooks (I agree) but then you want to give it to people that don’t want to work. Sorry but you seem to forget where that money comes from. It comes from people that go to work every day, some time more than one job. We are called TAX PAYERS. Us taxpayers no longer can afford eirther .We are sick of the Union crooks and the welfare cheats that cheat on Child care, quest cards and just about any program run by the Government. Trust me this has nothing to do with race or color, religon or sex. In my 75 years I could tell you many stories about cheaters. In stead of wanting more welfare, you should be looking for better ecucation for the all childern, less illegitimate children, more 2 parent homes. That is they way to a better life for all. There are people that really need help. Those that are born with disabiltes or older people that can no longer help themselves. Every body else should be responsibile for them selfs. As a few Black leaders have said, f\the way to avoid poverty is to finish High school don’t have children until you are married and stay away from drugs. Sorry but it is not my job to support people that refuse to live by those simple rules. I have been through many tough times in my life but did not expect others to support me. There are many more things I could say but it would take forever. I know there are times that bad things happen to good people and they may need help in the short haul but not FOREVER.

    • Wonder Woman says:

      You are right. And I agree but I guess I was thinking of those of us who have fallen on hard times and not those who live off the government. I should have nade that pclearer that I would like to see more support for short term help for taxpayers and those who need a hand up not a hand out. Thanks for catching that one. What we don’t need is more people bound in this wasteland with no way out. Peace, WW

      Sent from my Samsung Intercept™

      • Giant says:

        @Dub Dub – today you and I part company sis… your continued support of a Gov. Walker and your conservative positions aside…. you cannot say Sen. Lena Taylor and Goggs have been do nothings for Black People. Your ideology and your statements are oppossed to each other… isn’t it a conservative core principal that people do for self? Then why are you saying democrats of Afrikan descent need to be doing for Black People? You blame Black Pols for the conditions OUR PEOPLE find themselves in. Isn’t it a core principal of conservatives that government cannot create jobs and shouldn’t be a nanny state? Then what are you blaming Black Pols for? What would you blame any Pol for?

        I think one should embrace what they believe and look for what their ideology can bring to the table. Suggest to Black People why republicans are better for them than dems. If you can. If not, what’s your point. Neither dems nor repubs are good for our condition.

    • Giant says:

      @Luonne – can I ask you a question or two? If republicans and conservatives were elected to every public office in this country, would our lives be significantly better? Do you honestly believe that republicans/conservatives are any different in their loyalty to the special interests that financially support them? Neither side of the aisle is for the middle class and the poor. What they do is dangle a few social or political issues in front of these middle and lower income voters to whip them up into a frenzy. Neither party has effectively governed in more than 40 years in a way to address these two groups.

      America is a two-party system, the haves and the have nots… not repubs and dems.

      PS and you are killing me with the constant boogey man as the union rhetoric. I think we all understand, you dislike unions. We concede the point.

  2. Wonder Woman says:

    “Dub Dub – today you and I part company sis…”
    Giant with all due respect my brother, I think I am here because we don’t agree 100%, but as with all families we take the good and the bad and we continue to love and challenge and support and find a happy medium.
    Your challenges/questions to my statements helps me think about where I stand and educates me to another view I am not normally exposed to in coridal discourse and I so much appreciate that. Before Drum there were few places for educated and respectful conversation that ended in mutual respect for our unique paths and journeys.
    “you cannot say Sen. Lena Taylor and Goggs have been do nothings for Black People.” I guess I did not do a good job of fleshing out why I am upset at them. Mainly becuase for the last couple weeks I seen Taylor especially, spend more time recalling Alberta Darling and then telling homeowners, we need to pay $3000 for MMSD’s mess and spending precious time on her own personal agenda. How can she have time for us and the critical needs of her own district when she has her nose in other people’s districts for a good portion of the day every day in the past few weeks?
    I do not think the plight of our community is in her top 5 right now and that makes me furious. Also these reps are funded by unions and the above mentioned and that should be pointed out like we do with Walker and the Koch Brothers. There is a bias here and they are all in it knee deep!
    Yes you can find duplicity easily in me and my comments because I am not the typical Conservative and I do not support the Republican party fully. “Your ideology and your statements are oppossed to each other… ”
    Agreed and there is much consternation for me and what I see as a reality of life in this community. It shows and I admit it. Can they (black pols) say the same? I can admit my flaws and can learn from them.
    “isn’t it a conservative core principal that people do for self? Then why are you saying democrats of Afrikan descent need to be doing for Black People?”
    I expect them to do right by ALL people but especially us as we are the ones hurting the most. Coggs is not doing right by our people. He has lived off the family name and not earned any respect or done any tangible thing to uplift this community or this state. Him running off was his chance to get the monkey off his back.
    “You blame Black Pols for the conditions OUR PEOPLE find themselves in. Isn’t it a core principal of conservatives that government cannot create jobs and shouldn’t be a nanny state? Then what are you blaming Black Pols for? What would you blame any Pol for?”
    I should direct you to the fact that I did say they should own their part in this mess. How can they justify favoring PayDay Loan operations and high insurance premiums and say they are beholden to anyone, espeically blacks? They are one part of the problem, to be clear. WE are our own worst enemy because our voting shows that apathy and battle fatigue have worn on us. We too are to blame, self included.
    Ulitmately we are and should always be in charge of our own destiny. Having either of these parties depending on us and us depending on them seems to never work. Do note I also include Republicans in the blame. But they always get the blame that is a no brainer, however as I mentioned one thing remains constant, our loyalty to the Democratic party. Is this a good thing Giant? On this one issue should we look out for ourselves and let vested interests get their support from someone else and not tote the typical party line? Also I do want to make clear we should have government help for when we need it and not as way of life as some of us have done for generations.
    One thing I do respect about Republicans is that you know where you stand with them. Give us the “tools” to move up and not give us temporary hand outs as Democrats have done time and time again. Where did welfare and similar entitlemens get us? By the same token, not even communicating with the poor is not good either as some Republicans have done. We see a big difference in the new Republican regime. Paul Ryan, Hermain Cane and others. They are making a new dialogue which includes everyone at the table. All hands on deck! and I like that mentality of inclusion and withdrawing lobbyists and external self serving interests.

    “I think one should embrace what they believe and look for what their ideology can bring to the table. Suggest to Black People why republicans are better for them than dems. If you can. If not, what’s your point. Neither dems nor repubs are good for our condition.”

    My point is clouded by my anger and possibly I should have stepped back from the blog and re-read it. I am not suggesting everyone get on board the Walker train, however on this one issue, maybe we need to revisit joining in taking power from yet another rich and powerful entity, unions. I do not hate my union workers and support fairness but I think they have lost their way and the unions themselves are as corrupt as many corporatons we equally hate and put on blast. When we put them on blast, we see all this anger but we are talking the same money, the same politician buy outs, the same alliances that never help us in the community. At the end of the day we still suffer so they too must have the “teet” removed for equality and fiscal responsibilty to be welcome back in our state once again.

    Hope this adds to the discussion and clears up my angry little post. When I wake up I see blight in a place I hold very dear to my heart. I want Milwaukee’s inner city to come back form the death it is in. I want to be able to take my kids back to the places where history was made and be proud again of my neighborhood. I am always part of this community and I love it, would never leave it. But I am tired of being “hoodwinked” by my own people espeically and that is why I am so frustrated and angry these days. They have gone overboard over one man when they should have been this angry over the joblessness and other problems long festering in our area.

  3. Wonder Woman says:

    Giant thanks for keeping me honest and challenging me. It’s all love!!

  4. littletortillas says:

    WW, I thought you courageously brought up some very astute points but I’ve noticed that sometimes you become apologetic when faced with a little push back. Trust in yourself, you have better discernment than most. I love it when you get to the heart of matters but you needn’t have to qualify you views, that lessens the impact of your points in my opinion.

    While it is a virtue to be humble and self-critical, when speaking the truth you need to remain steadfast!
    Peace to you,

    • Wonder Woman says:

      You now what LT you are right. Sometimes I think people may get angry and not listen to the message and see the conservative and not see the blight in our urban areas. Then there is doubt that I may not sound unreasonable so I attempt to show I am a compromising person. However I think the time for compronise is gone and we need true leadership and reform to get us out of this mess! But I won’t budge on our black pols because they do little to nothing for Blacks. They are union soldiers and they clearly do LITTLE for the people they claim to represent. When is the last time we saw Taylor serving meals? I can tell you when Walker did though. With this post I think I learned a lot about the need to just stick with the message, be clearer and make well-defined points, and of course hold firm. We have been hood winked in the hood. Who can look at it and say otherwise? The one constant in Milwaukee’s inner city does have a Democratic choke hold and our black pols are the biggest part of the problem. Thaks LT for the sound advice!! WW

      Sent from my Samsung Intercept™

  5. Luonne Dumak says:

    First of all I consider myself a Conservative, a small Government Conservative. There are Conserative Republicans and Conserative Democrats. If you took time to read history, especially books like the Forgotten man it will show you that our problems have been started with Government intervention in the free market system. To many examples to list FDR,LBJ and Carter are a few. Do I think that Republicans are always right. H-LL no. Those County Club Republicans are no better.As for Unions. I have no problem if people think they need a union in a private shop, go for it. Plumbers, steamfitteers, carpenters and other trade unions are not a problem. Many of those people get there job assignments through their unions. People should have the right NOT to have to belong to a union. The most important point you don’t seem to understand is, Unions DO NOT belong in Governments. Even FDR and George Meany agreed with that. If you don’t understand why, then explaining it will not help. Do understand that the LEFT wants to control the Government thru Unions and the courts. If that happens, no matter who we put in office it will not matter. Elections will not have any meaning, is that what you want? Do you really want to live under a Dictatorship, because that will be what we will have.

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