Almost all of us are repulsed by the rhetoric and tactics of supremest, nationalistic or ethnocentric racists such as the likes of the KKK, ethno-cleansers or Neo-Nazis organizations but do we apply the same standard to groups like La Raza Unida, the New Black Panthers, or the Nation of Islam?

Hate breeds fear, contempt, division, scapegoats and ultimately consumes itself:

For the KKK or the Neo-Nazis it was the Negro, the Jews or what ever other group unlike them but today we rationalize the other side of the coin with “the white man”. Same rant different flavor!

Notice how hatred literally blinds people and causes them to rationalize the defense of tyrants, acts of terrorism, scapegoating and call it self-determination, liberation or self-defense, sadly some of you swallow this hook line and sinker as I once did. It is time to critically examine the fruits of these purveyors of hate and division and see them for who they really are.