Tamiko L. Jordan-Obregon (MCLD) Comments On MPS, Voucher School Test Results

The following is a message sent to The Drum (and other media outlets this morning on Facebook).
Tamiko Jordan-Obregon March 30 at 9:20am
Good Morning!

This past weekend the Milwaukee Center for Leadership Development (MCLD) held an Open House and Networking event. It was phenomenal! With greater than 100 people who flowed in and out, I can deem the event a success because the awareness of the organization was increased. However, no one from the media was present.

For the past two days, the headlines have discussed the results of MPS and the schools taht participate in the MPCP. Regardless of which group’s test results are greater than the other, they are both extremely poor. The MCLD actually provides genuine solutions beyond money. After reading the articles, it is so clear that the city of Milwaukee needs the programs of the MCLD.

You see the students can be moved from building to building, but if the connection is never made between their future and education and if they never learn to value themselves, the results will remain poor. Our young people need to know why education is relevant and the MCLD helps them to understand the relevancy. Once children value themselves and education, their potential is endless.

We need the help of the media to gain greater exposure; to let the community know we exist and we are a viable answer for the ills that plague Milwaukee. The MCLD is poised to make a real changes in Milwaukee. We are not sitting around tables discussing the problems and creating plans that will never be implemented. We have a curriculum which has been tried and tested for the past 34 years in Indianapolis and it works. Milwaukee now has the opportunity to see that same success through the Milwaukee CLD.

Many people are beginning non-profits in Milwaukee and there are many which have been in existence for years, but what changes have we seen? Not many and certainly none that have been on a large-scale. Passion alone is not sufficient to sustain a non-profit. One also needs the educational background and the experience in the field to supplement the passion. At the MCLD, we have it all and we are ready to use our resources to help our community.

For more information on the MCLD, please visit www.milwcld.org and/or contact me at 414.943.1302. At a moment’s notice, I am ready to share with the public the programs and the potential of the MCLD.

Always pursuing excellence!

Tamiko L. Jordan-Obregon
Executive Director
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2 Responses to Tamiko L. Jordan-Obregon (MCLD) Comments On MPS, Voucher School Test Results

  1. Disrael says:

    MPS looks bad, but The Choice program scored horribly.

    • MilwNewsProducer says:

      Like the Choice Program President said, these schools can’t be graded the same. Some of these schools double in size in just ONE year! You seriously expect them to have everyone caught up in less than a year?

      These schools get a lot of new students, who are most likely the kids MPS was failing to teach. It would be more fair to test only the kids that have been there for at least one year. Most MPS kids have been going to the same school for at least two years.

      Let’s not forget the highest scoring of these private schools did outscore MPS. It’s just the lower scoring schools that’s holding the others down, and guess what happens to a private school that sucks? They close down! Unlike the crappy schools and teachers of the Milwaukee Public School District.

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