This brother has every right to get his paper (money) by any means neccessary as long as he ain’t holding a gun to get it. It’s the American way to go out and be savvy and get that paper… it’s capitalism 101 at it’s finest and Mr. Harris has a consulting firm that provides services to pols… he delivers Black audiences for a fee (see Rev. Al, Rev. Jesse, Rev. Storefront, Rev. Mega Church, so-and-so community activist). What’s wrong with that? Doesn’t he deserve the right to make a living in America people? Hell, Harris tells us he’ll work with anybody (Repub, Dem), he doesn’t care… he lists names of political who’s who in Milwaukee… I bet if there were more parties, he be hitting them up. Get your paper and get yours is as American as Big Momma’s Sweet Potato Pie (we prefer that over apple).

So don’t be shocked to learn that community activists (or anyone helping others) are in on the money-making side of politics… It’s the American way!!!!

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PRESS RELEASE  March 27, 2011 – LaMonte C. Harris

I have read with interest the recent article by Dan Bice criticizing me and Rep. Jeff Stone for my involvement in his campaign for Milwaukee County Executive, and for my previous work on the campaigns of former Milwaukee Alderman, Michael McGee, Jr. and former State Senator Gary George.  The point made is that all three of us have been convicted of crimes and have served time in jail.  True that. 

But the larger point is that I paid my debt to society, learned my lesson and have not had any further contact with the criminal justice system. Nor was I involved in any of the criminal violations of McGee and George.   

The reason my involvement with the Stone campaign has been made an issue is that I am supporting a Republican in Milwaukee’s Democratic-leaning African American community.  Some of my well-intentioned Black brothers and sisters, and many White liberals, believe that the Democratic Party is the only political party that can represent African American interests.  My past brushes with the law were never an issue while I worked on Democratic campaigns: 

  • Milwaukee School Board—Charlene Hardin, Dr. Michael Bonds, and Peter Blewett,  
  • Milwaukee County Board—Elizabeth Coggs-Jones and Lee Holloway, 
  • Milwaukee City Attorney—Grant Langley, 
  • Milwaukee Common Council—Ashanti Hamilton, Willie Wade, Tony Zelinski, and Jim Witkowiak, 
  • WI State Senate—Spencer Coggs and numerous others.

I do not list these elected officials to indicate they endorse me in any way.  I mention them because I am the same Lamonte Harris as I was when I worked on their campaigns.  The only difference, now, is that I am supporting a REPUBLICAN!

Since my release from incarceration, I have tried to make a difference in my community through organizing, outreach and advocacy for the poor, working on political campaigns, and working with at-risk children in a variety of programs so that they would not make the mistakes I made in my youth. 

I am most proud of the fact that my own children have never served time in jail or had brushes with the law.  Along with their mothers, I have tried to be the best parent I could be. 

Neither Democrats nor Republicans have all the answers for the urgent problems facing Milwaukee’s African American community.  That is why I believe Blacks need to work with both parties. 

Republicans were the critical votes for passage of the 1964 Civil Rights and the 1965 Voting Rights Bills and President Richard M. Nixon initiated legislation and policies to jumpstart Black Capitalism. 

In Wisconsin, former Gov. Tommy Thompson appointed more African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American Circuit Court Judges than all the previous Democratic Governors combined. He also provided the needed financial capital to stabilize the North Milwaukee State Bank (the state’s oldest African American Bank) and to create the former Legacy Bank, the first Wisconsin Bank founded by Black and White women. 

I have every confidence that Milwaukee County voters will make their decision on April 5th based on the County Executive candidates’ platforms and not on who worked on their campaigns. 

Finally, I am somewhat puzzled by Chris Abele’s spokesman, Brandon Lorenz, saying that my background is …raising serious questions about (Jeff Stone’s) judgment and ability to bring real change to Milwaukee County.”