Watch how the liberal and conservative media controls what you hear. See how the pols are empty vessels being told everything from what to say to what to eat. And you really think you live in a free society. You have no idea what you really aren’t being told. See the 22:00 mark of the movie and how the interviewer craftly tells the expert his subject matter was too obtuse to be said over air. She plants the answer and then comes up with her question.

For my so-called democratic Black Brothers and Sisters… go to minute 28:14 of the vid and see the anointed 1st Black President Bill Clinton being fed info of how President George Bush told a great story about the unrest in South Central L.A. Clinton’s handlers were coaching him to match Bush’s so-called touching sentiments.

For the lovers of Christopher Columbus… go to minute 28:30 to watch a brief interview of a Native American Historian who corrects the news reporter and gives the true account of the murderous butcher Christopher Columbus… this was on the day of the 500th anniversary of the killer’s landing this populated country and then set out to steal it from those already here.

It goes on and on… around minute 33:00 you learn that former Pres. Bush was opposed to banning abortion as a congressman, but later change his position when candidate Reagan pick him as his running mate. On the other side, former VP Al Gore was opposed to giving federal money to assist in abortions. When candidate Clinton chose him, guess what, he flipped flopped his position.

They have several minutes on Pat Robertson that are quite insightful.

Larry King is nuts.

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