Note: The post to which Mr. Harris responded to was reported as a rumor we were told. The Drum does report rumors on this site and will note that they are. We did not report that Mr. Harris is being a front man and that Jeff Stone is paying for the dinner. What we said was that people who allegedly damaged CMYB stated their reason for doing so was Stone’s financing the dinner. Here is Mr. Harris’ response unedited.

“The community dinner set for tonight is NOT financed by Jeff Stone! That is a bold face lie, which now puts your credibility into question.  Before posting this information, it would have taken little effort to contact me to find out if this was true.  This dinner was put together by everyday black people from central city Milwaukee. Jeff Stone did not finance this event,  he will NOT be attending, nor will he be the subject! I have always respected The Drum for the information it shares with the community. Lets hope this does not become a pattern of writing false stories!!!”

LaMonte Harris