(video) Min. Farrakhan Press Conference On Pres. Obama, Col. Gadhafi, Libya War & The War On Islam

Family –

While you (and most of America) were watching the Final Four on CBS tonight, 3 of my foot soldiers and I went to YouTube to watch/study Minister Farrakhan’s recent press conference. As is always the truth, the minister gives information, facts and an insight that no other Black Leader will dare attempt to. Most of you will disagree with what you’ll hear and that is expected.

For those who have unchained themselves and unafraid of truth this 2 hours is for you. Do yourself a favor and sit down and get your pen and paper out to write done notes for future reference.

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6 Responses to (video) Min. Farrakhan Press Conference On Pres. Obama, Col. Gadhafi, Libya War & The War On Islam

  1. MilwNewsProducer says:

    I actually sat through this entire video, and I like some of what he says. Obviously I’m still siding with the Jews, and against Hezbollah.

    Yeah he’s pretty spot on about Kudafi. If there’s evidence that the man actually did improve his country, I think that’s something that is largely being ignored by the media.

    The world of the national media is very murky, and quite frankly scary. I’ll take my local news any day of the week. At least I can put a face to the decisions, and know they’re not on the take from corporations or some shadow organization.

    • Giant says:

      @MilwNewsProducer –

      I respect your comments (especially) due to your personal ideology and profession. You’d have all the excuses to slam The Minister as being an anti-American, Jew hating, Black Bigoted hate mongeror… yet, are able to hear the truth and discern what his message is to all Americans. Our foreign policy has a lot of blood on its hands and we are an imperialist nation (it’s our history). You cannot trust ANY national media, you cannot trust ANY national media commentator because they are bought and paid for.

      • Ayanna says:

        The same jews who work with South Africa during the aparted to keep black people oppressed…..The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa where the produce most of weapons that killed children, women and men….are you black sir…shameful

    • Ayanna says:

      You are siding with the same jews who tried to take over my father’s land in Uganda, give me hazbollah any day



    Farrakhan , Obama, Col. IN THE SAME SUBJECT TITLE


  3. JRM says:

    I was wrong about Louis Farrakhan I am very glad that he is friends with the Great Brother Leader Colonlel Gaddafi cannot have a better friend , God bless Great Brother Leader Colonel Gaddafi and Louis Farrakhan though still believed members of the Nation of Islam colloborated with the CIA in the death of Malcom X.

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