Attention African American Business Owners!
Do you run a unique and dynamic family business?  Have you dedicated your life and soul to the success of your company? Do you think the day-to-day struggles and success of your business would make a great reality tv show?
A major television production company is currently searching for dynamic and unique African American run businesses for a new reality series. If you think your business has what it takes to entertain and enlighten the world, please submit the following to
1. Name of business
2. Location
3. Primary Owner(s) name and contact (phone number)
4. Pictures of the following: the storefront, the inside of your business, the owners and key employees.
5.  A brief description of your business: What do you specialize in? How long have you been in business? How many employees do you have? What daily struggles do you face running your business? What makes your business unique and interesting?
Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think would be interested in submitting for the show.  Thanks a bunch!

K’ia Stone
FremantleMedia NA