What We Learned Last Night

The results did not surprise me, disheartened me, but not surprised me. The Republicans loss of front man Reince Priebus was felt state wide as he always moved the ground troops and united the WI RNC to show up and show out. Without that unified front, Republicans and conservatives were left to fight on the social media networks and other battle grounds with people who were willing to say and do anything to get a vote. The Tea Party took a rest on this one. They did come out in small numbers, but decided to stay a distance away from this fight. All in all, looking back over it, the right was underfunded, badly managed, and not supported as well as the legions of infiltrators from other states.


Lena Taylor posted on her FB page a list of who to vote for, sans reason or substance. My hope was that people would ask her why? Instead many people hit the “like” button and voted accordingly. No one dared ask her about the recently released DNC/Union ‘talking points” regarding the hiding out in Illinois, or what vetting she did of each candidate to ensure her district would be represented by them, or about the large sums of money she and the other fleeing senators received from the unions. She and her colleagues got a pass. She went union and never looked back. The one person who did challenge Taylor, well they got threatened with a lawsuit (despite him factually sharing her questionable past) and got to see the real Lena with her senator title far removed. I could have told him that was going to be ugly! She refuses to talk or explain herself on things of this nature. Why bother?? Hell no one seems to want to challenge her. It’s a moot point at this stage!! Best to let her and her overzealous page alone unless you have Xanax and the fear of God in your heart.


Many of us conservative types used links and resources to prove our cases but there was just too much going on. The budget battle, the ads, the countless attacks, the rich versus experience and all of the above. No, they are not excuses; I make no apologies for my stances or convictions. However this was a great exercise in Democracy and the numbers at most polling places showed signs of life in the city and around the state. It was good to hear this, though my own polling place had the usual low turnout. At 7 pm I was #135 at the Northside YMCA. This is the area that needed to show up and voice their concerns over the utter blight we are left with long after the union fatcats, hippies and special interests leave us.


The Races At A Glance:


Jeff Stone is a good guy but he was all over the place and outspent and of course money matters here. As we see with Ron Johnson and Herb Kohl, money can buy you anything you want in this state! Although it is not Abele’s money, it was his dad’s!

Abele worried me last night because he had not one black face behind him for his victory speech. I DO hope this will change and that people will scrutinize his every move as they did with Walker, but I won’t hold my breath. If he plays his cards right, he can usher a new type of candidate in. A candidate with no experience, little post-secondary education, and no political affiliations he has to be tied to. I look forward to seeing what he does in this year and I remain confident that if he messes up, he can at least afford to pay for the damages to the county!! Another concern was Barrett’s rush to “kiss his ring” and what does that mean? Why was he so quick to get behind Abele? He knows something we don’t, but I hope it is something big for the county. Possibly a facelift on county offices and services without raising taxes? Much work to do there! Good luck!!


Prosser vs. Kloppenburg was torture to watch and I felt for both candidates. I’m human after all. I was disgusted and outraged with Kloppenburg who hid behind an innocent smile to “walk with the people” when she has not ever done so before. Even with an abuse victim pleading with her not to further exploit his family, she kept her nose in the air and that will never wash over me. I think we may regret this for a decade!!  

I am sure with each keystroke I type, all the high price attorneys and campaign directors and the “who’s who” of politics are on their way to fight this out. After all we are a battle ground state for 2012. What I feel badly about is the fact that this person will serve for ten years, long after the Collective Bargaining issue. Do people realize this person has to remain impartial and be respectful to the laws of the country and the state? I can say until now, our justices, even the liberal ones, have been respectable and pretty darn wise. This new face of justice, she was bought and that’s not what democracy looks like! However she can learn and change and I hope she will. But again I must wonder if someone from Dane county will look out for all of Wisconsin when it is their nature to despise this side of the state.


Many of my colleagues on the left think this is some mandate sent to Scott Walker. I don’t think a clear message was sent. If anything I feel he has some validation, despite the losses. The state is divided! It really shows him that if he plays his cards right (having several options available to him for the CB and budget repair bill problems), he can rise above this and win over those independents who are still undecided and are looking for clear indications of who is really on their side. They simply need more time and more education to make an informed choice. The state’s case is still unsettled and wide open as far as I can tell. What we learned last night is that there can be hope found in some prospects as with Abele, some questions as in the judicial race, and some frustration as the local elections like 10th district and the school board got very little media attention. That lack of reporting was the most disappointing and disrespectful to me (being from that district) because it reinforces one thing. The 10th district is not respected AT ALL!

I hope Biddle will get us there. He has a big job ahead and first thing is to get rid of our apathy and get the 10th district alive again. Who would want to do business or do anything in a district so utterly filled with gloom? I hope he will put aside politics and do what is best for the people in this district plagued with hopelessness and despair. I do think this requires making friends with enemies, and getting Governor Walker, Mayor Barrett and anyone from any walk of life into this district by any means necessary and moving us forward by creating partnerships of all types.


We have enough talking heads, representatives with political agendas, and entire families that live off of the apathy we have allowed to fester  like a cancer. I hope Biddle will be controversial and LOUD and do some unprecedented things to revive us again.


So there it is. Another election almost in the books and many prayers for great works for our great state! On Wisconsin!!

As I say with each election, we CANNOT afford to see them fail or fall flat on their faces because only we loose. In the end we need a hero in the government. The time is past due and the bar has been set very high, now who has the guts to hurdle it?


Peace Family,