Spring Election Results

The above link shows a complete breakdown of voter turnout ward by ward in the city of Milwaukee.

There are 312,480 registered voters in Milwaukee.

Only 121,169 voted in Tuesday’s Spring Election. That is a measly 38%.

More people would show up for a Lil Wayne concert if they had the chance. More people ran to the phone lines to vote for Naima on American Idol.

What is going on Milwaukee? Not even half of the registered voters in this city showed up to elect the officials who are operating on THEIR tax dollars. Do you not want to have a say in how your city and state is run? This is why we have the political climate we are in now. We must educate ourselves and participate in the voting process. We have brothers and sisters who have literally died fighting for the right to cast a ballot. And if your excuse is that you “didn’t like who was running” and think “no candidate is worth your vote”, why don’t you stand up for your community and run for office yourself? We complain, complain, complain about the political climate, yet we constantly have low turnout election after election. No candidate is and ever will be the perfect person. There are pros and cons in all parties and all officials running for office, but you still have a say in who gets elected. Don’t just go off of what you see on TV ads and what you read in the paper. Do the research yourselves and learn about these people and VOTE.