Are Blacks Still Called To Serve Their Country?

With the honoring of the Civil War (beginning 150 years ago this week), one might compare what the military has become now as opposed to back then. In this comparison, we honor those who served our nation and our people, but do we still feel the need to serve as our ancestors once did?

Of course in the Civil War era we truly had something to fight for-OUR FREEDOM!! Now, it is all about the oil! And that is not worth dying for, nor is taking over regimes, serving UN interests, or forcing our will down the throats of other countries because we are America and we are democracy and you should be too!!!

By the way some countries laugh at our petty little political dramas and wonder how we can let 2 parties dictate our lives when really they are all in it together for the money, but that’s for another Wednesday!!

So in correctly remembering the past and our part in it, I submit the following link from Black Agenda Report which provides some historic audio and video which I encourage you to take advantage of.

“ As Jesse Jackson Jr. observed some years ago, most of the Civil War memorials and observances and much of the available history presents the war as mainly a quarrel between honorable white men on both sides.”

Looking Forward

As we march forward where are Blacks and the country as a whole on the subject of serving their country in this THE most patriotic of jobs? Do we still heed the call to serve, defend, and protect, or are we seeking employment or college funding only? Why aren’t we outraged that we still do not rank higher in the military? Do they think Colin Powell is the only one who can lead? Apparently this story isn’t too big because even I can’t find many articles that are recent on the military and racism, but we know it exists.


“Blacks have made great strides in the military since it was integrated 60 years ago, but they still struggle to gain a foothold in the higher ranks, where less than 6% of U.S. general officers are African-American.”

The numbers of Black in the military are similar to the Black population in the USA, usually ranging in the 19% area. Recently the numbers have dipped a bit lower. As a parent, of course I don’t want to see my kids heading to fight in wars that don’t concern us and I am sure that is what parents thought during the Viet Nam and other wars. What are we getting out of the military other than education and/or a steady paycheck and at what cost?

There is great pride to be found in our history with the military. However in this current military where do we fit in and should we?

Peace Family,


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