Looking Like A Fool With Ya Pants On The Ground…SAGGING!

Looking Like A Fool With Ya Pants On The Ground…

Sagging and Pop Culture’s Effect On Our Community


First off you need to support Black Media in Milwaukee! We need to continue showing allegiance to our local talkers, local writers, local griots, and all those helping spread the word!! We need to support the advertisers and the shows 110%. If you don’t have radio access there is an app for that, a podcast, or RSS feed, anything. Show that you are listening and pass it along! Sometimes we may not agree with the person, but it is better to have a voice than dead air and space. We could have no information being passed to the masses at all!

That being said, Earl Ingram is one of my favorite talk show hosts. No we do not see eye to eye on several things, but this brother represents our community, he backs up his words with action and $$$, and he is a man of conviction, showing uncharacteristic leadership in the Milwaukee Black Media by exposing us to a buffet of varying Black voices that until his show, were once demonized by the typical Dem loving Black media that for so long ruled the airwaves.

End of Rant!

Yesterday on 1290 AM WMCS’s Earl Ingram “Evening Rush (3pm-6pm weekdays), Mr. Ingram presented an interesting topic along with Frederick Alexander Meade, a national commentator, syndicated writer, scholar, and socially conscious brother. The topic was about “Sagging” and Meade was going off! Sadly, WW had to work and could not hear it all, but I got to hear most of it and the topic was too good to let it die, so I offer this up as an extension to the subject: Sagging Pants!

For those unfamiliar:

“Sagging is a manner of wearing trousers (slacks, shorts, pants or jeans) below the waist, hanging below the waist area and therefore revealing much of the underwear. Sagging is predominantly a male fashion. Women wearing low-rise jeans to reveal their G-string underwear (the “whale tail”) is not generally considered sagging. (WW says: “the G-string should be included, but that is for another day”).”



He was right on many of the points he brought up, it looks ridiculous and it is something we as a community need to address. This should not have to come down to laws, penalties, and fines. However we are not addressing it and it we are 30 years into the fashion “trend.”  A little Google search and one can find videos, websites and everything in between all dedicated to sagging pants. “Pants On The Ground”-An American Idol legend!! Even Brett Favre has his own version of this song! YIKES!!

Should there be laws to address what the community seemingly allows? Our silence is compliance! Meade suggested fines and possible jail time. Some callers commented that we have enough Black men in jail already without adding more of them into this never ending cycle that does not rehabilitate anyone. As for fines, who will pay them and how much should we fine offenders of fashion? Where would they get the money to pay fines and then do we want them having records that follow them the rest of their lives? How do we get people to see this is a sign of ignorance? Not to mention no one wants to see your underwear, especially not anywhere near my food!

Some say “sagging” is a fashion started by the jail population who cannot wear belts because they could be used as weapons or to commit suicide. However our rap stars continue this fashion faux pas to make them look cool and connected to the streets and our young people emulate the look, and so it seems the look will never end. Meade cited other reasons as well that should be considered for banning sagging. One of which is we need soldiers not idiots and that sagging pants can be harmful for your health, if I understood him correctly.

In several published reports sagging pants have been the cause of quite a few freak accidents and deaths. Not to mention news stories that detail people trying to get away from the scene of a crime but get caught because their sagging pants prevented them from getting away. Of course that is a good thing, but still why would you be so stupid? Why are sagging pants associated with negativity and with Blacks, especially Black men?

Some states and school districts already have laws/rules against “sagging.” The ACLU says that “sagging” laws would be challenged by their organization because they are profiling and racist. Are they? If we start down this slippery slope, where do we stop? Do we create laws about tats? What about those silly jackets with huge brand logos on them? Mohawks? God knows I didn’t like them in the 80’s and now I am looking at grown men with them? Have you seen Matt Barnes with that silly Mohawk? You are a Laker now, get rid of it!! Ron Artest got rid of his! (Sorry it’s playoff season had to sneak it in.)

It is bad enough parents are allowing this, but as a society where do we step in? MPS and other school districts already assume the roles formerly held by parents. They are parent, guardian, law enforcement, and now the fashion police? Don’t they have enough to deal with and is it really racist to ask our kings and queens to start dressing the part? Should we start enforcing uniform policies and/or have all out uniforms?

Just prior to the 2008 US Presidential Election, then-candidate Barack Obama appeared on MTV and stated that laws banning the practice of wearing low-slung pants that expose one’s underwear were “a waste of time”. However, he did follow that up with the statement: “Having said that, brothers should pull up their pants. You are walking by your mother, your grandmother, your underwear is showing. What’s wrong with that? Come on. Some people might not want to see your underwear. I’m one of them.”

So family, what do you think? Should we enact laws to curtail this fashion mistake? Should we continue to wait for parents to do their job and stop letting their kids out of the house with sagging pants? What about adults who wear sagging pants and the people who love them? After all this would not be a popular fashion if those of us in relationships with “saggers” stopped seeing this as a turn on and if we as a community started actively protesting this. How we do that without getting the “lovely feedback” that would follow? I have no clue. I have enough problems trying to get my oldest to keep his damn pants up. Publically, I give the look and then a comment, but unless we get it into their minds that no good can come from “sagging” they won’t stop. Even skinny jeans didn’t do the trick (Kanye wore “sagging” skinny jeans) and then we could start a whole other topic on skinny jeans, tight shirts, cleavage, G-strings, holes in your jeans, hair coloring, weaves, short-shorts, and right on down the line.

I think our young people are waiting for us to show up and lead them or guide them. They are tired of going it alone, or knowing that we are afraid of them and therefore allow them to do whatever they want. Time for the collective belt whooping! They need mentors and they need to see positive people doing positive things, dressed like professionals, acting like professionals. They also need us to stop bickering so much and see a community united. They need to see jobs with good managers and real families and all the things that lead to fashion trends and not fashion staples.

Yes that’s a lot to deal with but we must start somewhere. Pulling up your damn pants is a good place to start becoming “a beloved community” (St. Paul/MLK once called us to be) and begin taking back what is ours. Our youth would be phase one! Let’s not destroy another generation!!

Peace Family,


Our goal is to create a beloved community and
this will require a qualitative change in our souls
as well as a quantitative change in our lives.

~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


“Earl Ingram Jr. & The Evening Rush”




Droopy Pants Can Kill


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8 Responses to Looking Like A Fool With Ya Pants On The Ground…SAGGING!

  1. Wonder Woman says:

    Well it was good they knew to pull them up. I am pleasantly surprised when they pull them up. Sadly a lot more don’t know any better as far as I have witnessed.

  2. Triple A says:

    Assimilation warrants the emulation of your master. These individuals are the product of taking advice from the foe, and disregarding that of “BIG MOMMA”. Afrikan people have been trained to emulate their long time oppressor. This behavior has no origin amongst Afrikan people. This came from that product line called ” hillbilly trends,” and as with anything, our enemy knows that, if you put a face in front of negros that they respect more than their momma, wearing or doing anything in favor of the destruction of Afrikan culture, it will take flight instantaneously. Our youth are systematically becoming homosexuals. The black male and female are taking on the sexual nature of their oppressor, and their outward appearance is evidence of this systematic psychological change. To sum it up, this is the result of our failures. The Eurodemon tells you how to raise your child, what drugs you should give your child, what to feed your child, how much your child is supposed to weigh, how cultural they can be, how they should speak, and how to call them when you as the parent get out of hand. So now someone tell me what role do you play besides provider of shelter? Some of you negros do not have that much lead way. These are the walking dead because they were raised by the culturally dead people they call parents. The rule of nature is, the strong will survive, if you are culturally weak you will perish in the abyss with your master, but for the Afikans that understand that your home must be the first assembly line in producing genuine Afrikans, keep on keeping on. For the rest of you negros here is some words of wisdom; there are two CDs, one is for audio pleasure it is called a compact disc, the other is for visual learning, it is called collateral damage, these negros belong to that visual learning CD!

  3. Wonder Woman says:

    Triple A…deep thoughts to ponder, real deep my brother. I have to pause on that and let it sink in.

  4. Triple A says:

    Our people will continue to remain in this state of being because we really are the softest thinking, most compromising people currently inhabiting this planet. Our people are weak, because we specialize in excuses, and we are not proficient in implementing action. When we create excuses for people with our complexion, we make them weaker, there has to be order and consequences for not maintaining order in any nation. This country historically and presently whip the asses and minds of Afrikan people, and they offer you no excuses. We make excuses for even their dirty deeds towards our people, and when these negros emulate their master we make excuses for them also. Seems Negros love making excuses, but Negros do not want to accept responsibility for cleaning up this mess that we are in-part responsible for. I know why though, because to admit that we are also guilty of producing weak negros, forces us to admit our failures, so we rather compromise our cultural law and standards, rather than accept our failures. The truth is the reason why we understand the beauty in culturally strong Afrikans, is because we also know the high level of ignorance that exist amongst mentally dead negros. This is the principle of dualism, there will always exist an opposing side, to understand the beauty of light you must understand darkness, so you must by natural law understand that negros have to exist, but you have to call it what it is. Our love of excuses is causing the systematic death of our culture as Afrikans. I do not care if the negro supposedly has sense or not if he claimed he was an accountant and came to your home asking you to allow him to manage your money with his pants off his ass, you would shut the door in his face, and you know it. But yet we make excuses saying ” when you talk to them, they actually are respectful,” well if you have a brain, and understand who you are, than it is worst for you when you can not be a proper public representation of your people, it is funny that most people who make excuses for homely appearences, would not let their own children represent their household that way. Quit contradicting ourselves Afrikan people, these negros act like this because they have no sense of culture so they took on the hillbilly trends of their master. Now these negros have embraced this foolishness, and now want to convince others this is our contribution to fashion. Nigga pleaze, BIG MOMMA would go up side your head for this. Through compromise we have accepted, homosexuality, skinny leg jeans, that our children have ADHD, that we all can get along, that its ok for pastor to drive a 90,000 dollar car when people are catching the bus to the church, Tyler Perry, we teach our children to emulate basketball players but not Afrikan scholars, this list seems infinite, because we continue to create it through compromise and excuses. If we do not reprimand un-cultural behavior, we can never clean ourselves up!

  5. Devin says:

    Do you really think that if we had adults acting like adults and professionals acting like professionals, and communities working together, that these kids would pull there pants up? I don’t think so. Thats wishful thinking on the last authors response. It’s really become madness in a fashion sense, and we need to do something about it. Perhaps the only way to address it, is to outlaw it. However, for all of you parents readying this message, please excuse me for saying so. But start acting like parents!!!!! I’m a father of 2 boys 3 and 6 and if they ever put there pants like this, I would have their rearends in a sling!!!! Put your foot down and don’t put up with it. Don’t allow it!!!!! I teach in a school and I can’t believe how many kids are walking around like this. At least every 1 in 4 has there pants like this. At least where I teach. And the school allows it. There’s no excuse for this. If the schools allow it or the parents allow it, then we’ve failed as a society!!!!!

    • Wonder Woman says:

      If it were that easy, like I did when my mom disallowed something, I suck and did it anyway so for your sake, I hope you keep that in mind when your boys get older. Please do not think I don’t get in that butt when I see it, but I have to catch it and we keep discussing it. I am fully aware that my oldest thinks he knows more than me. He thinks he’s grown! But my job as parent is to pcik him up and brush him off when that reality knocks him off that dream cloud he lives on.

      I am not sure about laws as I see government already acting as parent and family. We have too many people “scared” to discipline for fear of CPS. I personally don’t buy that but if we start down the slope of government being parent and big brother where is out responsibility? We are not the village anymore or are we? I am debatig laws but I would like to see how they are working in other states. Maybe fine money and communtiy service could be a welcome blessing for us?

      • NufSed says:

        Its like this, some portion of EVERY generation in EVERY culture tends to do something the previous generations deem “extreme” whether its the choice of clothing (look at the history of the bathing suit!) or the music (don’t get me started there) but for the most part once they mature, most people tend to become respected and productive members of society. I don’t believe that means in any way that its “emulating the master”, but those that can not seem to escape extremism usually end up in jail, dead, or lost in the sadness that the world is going to hell, and since its everyone else’s fault but their own, there is nothing to do about it but whine and complain about the hillbilly oppressors. NufSed

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