Many in the Black Community have an issue with a product – Beta Prostrate – being marketed by Black Talk Show Hosts Al Sharpton, Warren Ballentine, and others. In fact, one of our contributors posted his thoughts about it Stepping On Toes & Lying Microphones. Many of you have also posted comments.

Today, The Drum heard from the creator of the product Roger Mason. He posted the following comments… what do you think about his comments?


this is roger mason. i invented and own Beta Prostate. you can read my book The Natural Prostate Cure for FREE at yes, al and warren really do take Beta Prostate. yes, it really works. it contains “beta-sitosterol” which is the most effective supplement know for prostate health. it also contains 11 minerals and vitamin D.

you only pay $4.95 to get a FREE bottle of Beta Prostate. prostate disease is an epidemic in the American black community. this is a terrible tragedy. i don’t care if you buy Beta Prostate or not, but please go to and read my prostate book for FREE. there are no tricks here. al and warren are very concerned about the health of their brothers and sisters whether you believe it or not. i’m white and i’m also very concerned.

buy any brand of beta-sitosterol you want to. it is clinically proven to work in international studies. it is approved by the FDA. but please read my book. if you are a black woman then you have a man in your life you love. you read the book, too please.

this attack on al and warren is totally unwarranted. prostate disease is an EPIDEMIC in the black community and it can be stopped.


roger mason