Somebody’s Daughter: The Proper View and Treatment of Our Women and Girls

Milwaukee, WI- Dr. Ava Muhammad, Attorney and National Representative of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam will address the crisis of domestic violence and sexual assault in black community. Dr. Muhammad will be the keynote speaker of this forum entitled “Somebody’s Daughter: The Proper View and Treatment of Our Women and Girls”, sponsored locally by ASHA Family Services and Muhammad Mosque #3.

The event is Saturday May 14, 1pm at Mercy Memorial Baptist Church, 2474 N. 37 St, Milwaukee, WI. It will begin with a panel discussion consisting of ASHA Family Services Director Antonia Vann, City of Milwaukee Health Commissioner Bevan Baker, Black Health Coalition Director, Dr. Patricia McManus, Community Activist Tony Courtney and local NOI representative Minister William Muhammad. They will address the root causes of domestic violence and rape perpetrated against black women and girls in Milwaukee. Recently, an outbreak of sexual assaults of young black women has plagued the neighborhoods near Washington and Sherman Park. Earl Ingram, host of “The Evening Rush” on 1290 WMCS AM will moderate the discussion.

Sister Ava Muhammad is head legal counsel for the Nation of Islam and the first female to lead a Mosque in the Islamic world. She will speak at 3:00 pm.

The event is free and open to the public. Doors open at 12:30pm and the event will start at 1pm.

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2 Responses to Somebody’s Daughter: The Proper View and Treatment of Our Women and Girls

  1. I am honored to have been selected to be participating in such an important event. Make no mistake, we spend a lot of time focusing on the plight of brothers, and the crisis they are presented with. But as I’ve said all along, if we fail to address the multiple problems our sisters face we are just wasting our time. There will be a frank discussion on how to respect and treat our sisters. Many adult men need to attend this program, along with our youth. So join us as we have a frank and lively give and take this weekend at Mercy Memorial Baptist Church, don’t miss it.

  2. It’s an honor to be able to be apart of this momentous event, that I know will open the ears and eyes of all that attend. I believe that every step that we take toward the open doors of change and efforts that we make to raise awareness, will never be in vain because lives will be saved and spirits changed.
    May this event add the fuel to the fire that burns within the hearts of those of us who are passionate in addressing the epidemic of abuse and its affects. May Sister Ava be used in a Powerful way and may all words and performances be well received as the guard changes on that blessed day.

    Your sister in the movement of light

    Yahminah McIntosh

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