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I wanna (yea, I wrote wanna) give a big thank you to my hometown and the region for blessing me with great memories and hard times, but most importantly teaching me lessons in my experiences at their venues. Where do I start, I guess I start with my first memories of going to sporting events here in Milwaukee, from wrestling matches at the Auditorium with my grandfather to being a kid and going to Mecca to seeing the Bucks run teams off the floor in the late 70’s.

I remember the 1st time I went into South Stadium and how I felt like I was in a museum but they play football in there. Thank you for all the high school basketball games at Milwaukee Trade and Technical HS, man those Friday nights in the City Conference were do or die as the are today, enjoy all those games when the crowds bring that “amped” lets go get it flavor to those gyms.

The old County Stadium deserves thanks especially in the late 70’s-early eighties when I was just starting to get into baseball. Sitting in those left field bleachers when teams like the Yankees, Orioles, A’s or especially the White Sox would come to town was a treat.

A special thanks to all the good times I have been blessed to enjoy as I grew up and got the rare chance to cover teams in my hometown. From all the nights I have spent in the Bradley Center covering everything from Basketball to Arena Football to actually heading out to State Fair Park to watch a race every now and then.

Thanks you for letting me desecrate some of your local golf courses and play pick up ball at some of the best parks around. More important thank you for all the memories and memories to come in the future.

Steve Haywood

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