Earl Ingram posted an apology to Rep. Jason Fields on his personal Facebook page this morning after listening to the Fields audio. He will also take to the airwaves today to play the audio and discuss the matter. The following are his comments.

“I heard the audio on Jason Fields and I owe him an appology. He expressed the passion and pain far too many of us never exhibit in our community. He sent a message from a black man to one of the most segragated states in the country, our pain is not a game. I will appologize to him personally, I will also publicly appologize to him on The Evening Rush today. This passion has not been exhibited in a black male public offical for far too long. So take note, Alderman, Senator, County Supervisors. Our community is in a death spiral, you must make sure our condition is expressed with conviction among your colleagues at all political levels. As Mr. Fields acknowledged, the time for games is over, the fight for our very survival is at hand.”

Earl Ingram Jr.