Major Cable Network is looking for fun, up beat families with BIG & over the top personalities that would be willing to share their story on a new docu-series.

Are your parents separated, going through a divorce or recently re-married?!?!

This new series will explore this topic, profiling teenagers (who appear to be between 15 and 19 years old), who are coping with the current stage of their parents’ divorce. We are looking for diverse situations and multiple siblings are a plus!

Especially seeking blended families; either parent have re-married and have merged their families. Kids must be bouncing back and forth in BOTH households.

Email us at  ASAP:

Your full name
City you live in
Contact information and best time to reach you
When are you at your Mom’s house? Dad’s house?
Who lives at your primary residence? (Which parent? siblings? step siblings? parent’s significant other?)
A brief explanation of your family’s situation
And family pictures and photos of yourself that showcase everyone’s fun personality!

K’ia Stone
FremantleMedia NA