Belafonte Shares Thoughts & Disappointments of President Obama (video)

I know you heads have been eating up all the Dr. Cornel West fire aimed at The President. You may have missed Activist Harry Belafonte’s criticisms as well… don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. Peep this gem from a Democracy Now interview from January 2011. Belafonte reveals that The President hasn’t given him any real time to discuss issues, The President asks for him and Dr. West to cut him some slack, and that The President doesn’t feel treatened by the people enough to move to action to help Black & poor people.

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One Response to Belafonte Shares Thoughts & Disappointments of President Obama (video)

  1. disrael says:

    This great freedom fighter is right on point when he says he is dissapointed with the masses as well. We have not organized and agitated sufficiently to derive maximum benefit from the political moment we are in. President Obama nor any other president in history has acted without the strong urgings of the special interests of this country. For a moment some of us may have been star struck and forgot that American politics is not a spectator sport. We must also remember that the Voter Rights Act of 1964 was not called the Black People Voter Rights Act of 1964, but we know whom it benefited. Just because a package does not have your name on it does not mean aint nothing in it for you.

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