Note: Our response to the senders of these emails were that The Drum is neither conservative nor liberal. We also shared with them that we don’t believe they understand our cause or concerns. We wished them well.



I am one of the Florida Tea Party organizers for south Florida.  I love your cause and wanted to know if there is any way we can help you get the word out.  I am not Black, however, I feel strongly that Black Americans are hurt daily by democratic policies which say to them “don’t bother to better yourself, we’ll take care of you and yours”.  The problem though is…when they give you….they OWN you.  I thpught Slavery was dead!!!!  Actually, we are all being enslaved, aren’t we? 

Anyway,  would love to help.  If you so choose, feel free to contact me. 

Karen F. Moore
May 18, 2011
Dear Sir or Madame:
My name is Milton Reid and I am editor of the conservative blog Black Quill and Ink. I am writing to you to solicit your opinion and/or support for a project that I think could be crucial in the 2012 elections.
This past weekend former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was interviewed on NBC’s Face the Nation. As I am sure you are aware, former Speaker Gingrich was essentially criticized for a recent statement that he made regarding food stamps and President Barack Obama. Specifically, the speaker noted the fact that a significant number of Americans are now forced to use food stamps as a means of day to day living and survival and that President Obama could be seen as the greatest food stamp President.  The moderator of the show, David Gregory, asked Speaker Gingrich about this statement saying that some could view the statement as racist. We believe that the speaker handled the question with adeptness; however, we also believe that the question revealed what will be a specific liberal strategy, both by the media and the Democrat Party, in the 2012 elections. The strategy will be to protect and support Obama by intimidating GOP candidates with the prospect of being labeled as racist. By intimidating GOP candidates the belief is that Obama will not be challenged on his many policy and program failures and this will, in turn, keep the public uninformed and increase the chances of Obama’s re-election.
As concerned informed citizens I’m sure you are keenly aware of the devastating impact of President Obama’s policies and programs; many of which can be described as crony capitalism.  I’m also sure that you are aware of the enormous encroachment of personal liberties and freedoms that have occurred under President Obama; a lost of liberties that must end and be restored. These freedoms will only be restored with the defeat of Obama in 2012.
We, at BQI, strongly believe that a repeat of 2008 must not occur. In 2008 the GOP candidate, John McCain, effectively gave candidate Obama a pass by refusing to challenge him on an assortment of issues that the media refused to investigate or address. Candidate McCain was, in effect, intimidated from a more aggressive campaign against candidate Obama because he feared being labeled a racist. In order to off-set a compliant media that will attempt to intimidate GOP candidates in  2012 we think that some specific strategy must be designed and be at the ready to be deployed if necessary during the campaign if not before then. This brings me to the purpose for this communication.
We would like to work with you and other conservative ethnic organizations to develop a strategy that will provide any GOP candidate with support or perhaps more appropriately, “cover” from the media and Democrat Party’s attempt to use racism as a successful campaign tactic. It is our belief that the successful GOP candidate can fully expect the race card to be used throughout the campaign. Only if a minority is chosen as the GOP candidate will the race card not likely be deployed. 
BQI is available to do all that it can to assist in developing and deploying a strategy that will accomplish the goals as stated above. If you agree that the race card is or could be an effective campaign tool for the Democrat Party and that a counter strategy is needed and could be successful then I ask that you work with me in identifying others who might also be a part of the development and deployment of a conservative anti-race card strategy for the 2012 campaign.
I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking time to consider this proposal. 
Best regards, 
Milton Reid
Editor Black Quill and Ink Blog