Cease Fire Sabbath Sunday: Innovative Way to Fight Crime or a Waste of Time?

For seven years the mayor and several important staff members including District Attorney John Chisholm, embark on the inner city and other “trouble” spots to preach non-violence to THE CHOIR!!!!

Again our dear mayor misses the mark. Why in the hell are you going into churches when you should be on the streets with this message? Why do you think the very same people who deplore this violence have any more power than you do to stop it? The people you ought to be talking to are walking on the streets, riding in cars (like the street was I-94), and loitering at the gas station, ALL OF THIS OUTSIDE THE CHURCH!! Why not start there? Are you afraid to visit your neighborhoods at night Mayor Barrett? Possibly take in the sights at Bronzeville and see the progress? Stop by a housing project maybe? Although with elections not far off, I am sure we will be seeing you more and more as 2012 gets closer.

Well welcome to our world! Where have you been? The only difference between the church folks, pastors, and neighborhood organizations is that you have security detail and a MPD Chief in your back pocket so why not walk the streets of high crime areas instead of going to extreme safe zones like churches? They’re already preaching that message, been doing it for years. Why not visit gas stations, liquor stores, neighborhood porches where groups of people are hanging, or young people walking aimlessly about, and any other place that is “questionable” and then tell THEM your message if you truly want to get the “good news” to the “right” people! Being mayor is not a Sunday morning, 9-5 job. We need to see you at night, here battling with us, standing next to us.


Secondly, I offer this as a question for you to ask yourself. In the past 2 years Milwaukee has reported a surge of crime, but yet all the Cease Fire Sabbath reports referred to crime rates in Milwaukee as low. The MPD has excuse after excuse for their “fuzzy math.” So I ask who’s zooming who here? Either crime is up and you’re fudging numbers which puts us at risk, or you can prove how safe it is by doing some night time mayoring and preaching to the masses.


It is bad enough that Milwaukee media did not cover the current North side rapist story very well. No warnings from Chief Flynn or press releases from the mayor warning our women to take extra precautions during the rapist’s months of terror, no profile of typical activity, nada. It was a “page 15” story until the guy got caught. So you will excuse me if I don’t trust this mayor on crime. Watch your back out here family!

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Mayor Barrett preaches gospel of non-violence at pre-Cease-Fire Sunday breakfast.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett addressed a gathering of the city’s faith-based community, community-based leaders and law enforcement Thursday, May 13 during the annual Ceasefire Sabbath breakfast he hosted at St. Martin de Porres Congregation, 128 W. Burleigh. The breakfast, which gives the mayor and faith leaders an opportunity to exchange ideas on how to strengthen their partnership in addressing violence, especially gun violence, was held before the “Cease Fire Sabbath” May 15 and 16 in which the mayor and members of his staff visit churches, synagogues and mosques all over the city and preach non-violence and peaceful co-existence. The Ceasefire Sabbath is the brainchild of Mayor Barrett that enlists leaders in the faith community to preach sermons stressing peace and the rejection of violence to solve problems; as well as extend a hand to those whose lives have been affected by violence.



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