All you President Barack Obama faithful need to get this brother on the phone and tell him to rethink his alignment with Rev. Al. Isn’t it really quiet from the conservative side of the political commentary in regards to the Obama/Sharpton partnership? Don’t be fooled sheep… tell the President to quickly fall back from this dynamic duo and think about his past with controversial black preachers. The conservatives and the majority media is setting the President up for a nice fall here… why are they so determined to ‘remake’ and remix Sharpton’s past (present/future)?

I’ll tell you why… it’s a setup unscene since your boy Marion Barry was caught with that crack pipe in Chocolate City. Yet, nobody has recognized it or said it besides me… I’ll take that back. Peep this vid right here and listen to Wayne Barrett break it down sheep.

Got it? Now somebody hit the White House up and tell them they’ve been bamboozeled.

G –

Oh eah… did you see Al in the 60 Minutes piece? How about him smokin’ Cubans with the Wall Street Barons at Little Havana in Mid-Town? Rev. you’ve got some explaining to do… that interview came across real gangsta.