Conservatives Will Make Sharpton The President’s ’12 Version Of Jeremiah Wright

All you President Barack Obama faithful need to get this brother on the phone and tell him to rethink his alignment with Rev. Al. Isn’t it really quiet from the conservative side of the political commentary in regards to the Obama/Sharpton partnership? Don’t be fooled sheep… tell the President to quickly fall back from this dynamic duo and think about his past with controversial black preachers. The conservatives and the majority media is setting the President up for a nice fall here… why are they so determined to ‘remake’ and remix Sharpton’s past (present/future)?

I’ll tell you why… it’s a setup unscene since your boy Marion Barry was caught with that crack pipe in Chocolate City. Yet, nobody has recognized it or said it besides me… I’ll take that back. Peep this vid right here and listen to Wayne Barrett break it down sheep.

Got it? Now somebody hit the White House up and tell them they’ve been bamboozeled.

G –

Oh eah… did you see Al in the 60 Minutes piece? How about him smokin’ Cubans with the Wall Street Barons at Little Havana in Mid-Town? Rev. you’ve got some explaining to do… that interview came across real gangsta.

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6 Responses to Conservatives Will Make Sharpton The President’s ’12 Version Of Jeremiah Wright

  1. As someone who was an admirer of Rev. Sharpton for decades , I must say he has sold out. Maybe a more sanitized term would be assimilated to the very system he fought against. Come on Rev. the cigar bar with the wallstreet barons,what happened to the people. Some how if brother Malcom or Dr.King had lived I dought they would be caught smoking $200 dollar cigars with those who pray on the American people. Everyone has a right to make a living but at who’s expence. If you are truly for the people there is no price , you will except to with hold the truth from them. I have come to the realization there are few who will be true to those who need leadership the most. Rev. Al has given us the truth of who he is in the 60min peace. I wonder if it’s worth it to Rev. and many like him who have chosen the latter.

  2. disrael says:

    I don’t think they’ll be able to get the traction out of this that they got out of Rev. Wright. The Prez is battle-tested now. He will be running on a record that will get him the Black, LGBT vote. The economy will bring back millions of White undecideds, he will hold his own with the Latino vote. We will be “out of Iraq and getting out of
    Afghanistan. He looks pretty unnbeatable at this point. Yet ’12 is still a long way off and a lot can happen. I am concerned however that as a group we still don’t pick our own hero/sheroes. Who represents the Black community? They tried to hang the Prez with the support Farrakhan showed him.. And whats with the West/Smiley assaults. Where do we stand as a community. All freedom fighters in America wrestle with trying to be mainstream enough to be relevant while being raw enough to be real. This aint no cyber-struggle were in. The stakes are life and death. Power yeilds to power. Where is the Black Power????

  3. Wonder Woman says:

    I guess I am confused because I do not see Conservatives “using” Sharpton as a noose around Obama. Or is this something you feel is coming soon to a TV set near us? For one I think he is smart enough to keep his distance but secondly, he is a Liberal jewel how stands pretty much on his own on all the shows I have ever watched especially on PMSNBC.
    Obama’s problem is much more serious, he needs to have one thing he has accomplished go through to passage and get positive results. ObamaCare won’t happen until 2014 but most companies have waivered out so that is a not going to get him votes, unemployment, race issues, war, Guantanamo Bay and everything he promised to close upon his immediate entry into the White House are still as viable as they were in the Bush era and thriving. Killing Bin Laden is not going to win you another election. The fact that there are slim picking from the Right will be the ONLY reason he wins. Obama has promises he did not keep and his tactic of keeping peace but then attacking across the aisle is wearing real thin. His lacing up shoes and walking the picket line also left a bad taste in people’s mouth here in Wisconsin. He lied!
    As far as his associations, he probably will continue to have more dumb, small minded, Right Wingers attack the whole “Common/Jill Scott” thing than attacking him on Sharpton. I don’t think they can make that case. Sadly he needs to stick behind someone and do proper vetting before he does so he can precipitate what to expect and be ahead of the game not behind the 8 ball. He should have stood with Common boldly and told the Hannity’s of the world to back the hell off. Those people who are hypocrite by nature. He needs to stand and fight instead of cowardly taking off once something goes south. But this is the problem of not having a good staff who could have said, “well no one complained when Johnny Cash, Crosby, Still, and Nash and others graced the White House!” The kind of people who abused woman, lived immoral lives, glorified it in their music and so on. It would have been easy pickings if he had a quality staff. Bush may have made a mistake or two along the way but he had a hell of a staff to pick up the pieces. This president has yet to end one Bush program or end a war or reverse any Bush administrative tactic so it is hard to judge him as his own man. Seems to me like he plays too much defense and not enough offense and the Sharpton thing will be pretty much a non-issue. I also think he should have stood by Rev. Wright. The man may say some things we don’t like to hear but that is the job of a preacher. If they were preaching to the choir, well then something is wrong. Got to take the good with the bad. I have listened to Wright’s commentary enough to know there is a fair balance between the 20 second damning sound bites and the real message people need to hear. If Obama would have said and stood by the fact that Wright does for the community what no white person will do, that Wright has successful programs and social justice activity, that the man may have some race issues but that is still my preacher and held his ground, Obama could have shown that attacking Wright would have been like attacking blacks and then we would have all joined him in defending their association. I would have because Wright’s actions far outweigh a sentence in a sermon.

  4. Wonder Woman says:

    Clarification: For one I think he (obama) is smart enough to keep his distance but secondly, he (Sharpton) is a Liberal jewel who stands pretty much on his own on all the shows I have ever watched especially on PMSNBC.
    He is making a relationship and I hope Obama will not take the bait.

  5. That old pen again!!! says:

    SHARK_ton Al, REVEREND and ARCH FLIM FLAM devotee! To his Credit; according to the Old School Pigeon Drop men and women, Skilled Soft Shoe Scholars, And Con Artist; Al Shark-ton is one of the best. They place him behide other greats like Minister Louis Farrakhan, Daddy Grace, Father Divine, AND The Greatest of them all, PROPHET JONES; who after a while stopped walking. Prophet Jones had to be shuttled akin to on a magic carpet carried by his minions. His too perfect feet never touching the vile earth were mortals trod! Not unlike the Turkish Sultans of yesteryear! Nor did Prophet Jones hide the fact that it was just plain faucet water that he sold as HOLY WATER. It was his blessings that converted the H2o into GOD 2o! And folks would stand in line to purchase his Prayer Cloths. Again not just plain ole cheap cloth, but HOLY MATERIAL having passed through the SACRED hands of THE GOOD PROPHET JONES. As a child I would marvel at how people would stand for hours just to get a glimpse of him being ported from his stretch Limousine until inside of his Royal Mansion in Detroit Michigan!

    • Russ says:

      One is a fraud, the other a hustler. Wait, let me change that. Both are frauds and hustlers.They deserve each other,

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