Facebook Intervention: Save Our Young People!

Family, I spent almost 2 decades working with youth and I would not change a thing about that. I love the youth and I love what they taught me and continue to teach me. However I watch how they live in the social networks and I get physically ill seeing what they “write” and how they respond to each other, well at each other sometimes. Other times I am quite proud of their maturity especially when we adults act like kindergarteners at times. The relationships they had before, the physical ones are now replaced by the delusions of these “wonderful” people they meet online. I guess they can be a touch naïve but then again I see plenty of grown folks that making the same missteps online.

I have had this conversation with other adults but I want to kick it up here and see what you think. Should we adults step in when we see some ignorant social networking exchanges? I’m talking about FB & Twitter world specifically and the typical postings like… “This B…. better stay in her lane or she gon get f’ed up” “Dude came in the club and he mugged me…” You know the conversations; anything from baby mama/baby daddy drama, to family issues, to plain outright booking dates for violence between ex’s and the replacements, to meeting up to cause public disturbances. It happens all day every day. Other adults I have spoken to about this seem to be at odds about when to step in or if we should step in at all. Some fear the backlash because there are no rules for some people on the social networking sites. You add your two-cents and you are fair game. Prepare to be “put on blast” but then there are some people like me who feel compelled to brave the insanity and maybe comment a quick little something and try and be a peace keeper or offer a word or two. I am happy to report most times it works and then there have been a few times well…But I was prepared and I tried to show the way by being the way.

It still ticks me off that people act like computer screen tough guys and if they came from behind their safe smart phone or PC they wouldn’t be so damn evil or nasty. Many adults every day are even worse offenders of how not to act online when participating in friendly debate. Of course sometimes someone pushes your button and that happens and maybe your passion is needed, blow off some steam once in a while it is good for you (in proper context of course)!! Then there are times that you review what you wrote/posted and wonder what in the hell did I say for this person to call me anything other than my God given name? But in working with Milwaukee Drum now for over a year, I have developed an even thicker skin and I realize some people have trouble debating fairly and may also have a serious lack of self-control or possess little common sense. Yes I have had my share of heated exchanges but I can also admit defeat or wrongness. Seems to me we adults on a whole are not imparting this wisdom onto our youth. With this whole Wisconsin Budget Repair Battle, adults have lost their damn minds and we are acting so horribly out of control I can’t really blame the young people entirely for the irrational behavior they are following in some cases.

Recently we can cite examples of how intervention or lack thereof has led to public displays of ignorance. Remember the “Melee at Mayfair” that was supposedly orchestrated on FB? Some adult had to have known about it and chose to do nothing or maybe they did and their action got no results. Is it conceivable that an adult would have known and turned a blind eye?

What about the kids who engage in cyber bullying to terrorize others? Some cases leading to suicides and violence? Is it time for us to police our young people better online?

To keep it short, because I would rather hear what you have to say, should we adults be stepping into social networking “situations” and using this vehicle to coach and mentor? Or should this space be respected and left alone?

I can’t, firstly I am a mom and being in FB world is like being on the neighborhood corner and the neighbors see you up to no good and they do what your mom will do when she finds out when you get caught. This is just a viral version of that scenario. I would hope if someone spots my babies acting a fool or saying something reprehensible that they will stop them and/or tell me. You have my permission!

I think the young people cry out to us every day to be a POSITIVE influence and support system since they have few. I also understand the need to have their own space as well as us adults?

Family how far it too far and when do you think we should step in and parent, mentor, or be a voice of wisdom in a sea of insanity?

Peace Family,


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