NAACP Introduces Alternative Milwaukee County Redistricting Proposal

At Community Brainstorming earlier today, the NAACP introduced an alternative map to be considered in the redistricting of the Milwaukee County political districts.  The map and and its demographics are below.

About Nathaniel Holton

Attorney, Milwaukee NAACP Executive Committee member. B.S, Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy, UW-Madison 2006; MPA, Urban Policy and Fiscal Administration, Indiana Univ. 2010; JD, Indiana Univ. 2010
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One Response to NAACP Introduces Alternative Milwaukee County Redistricting Proposal

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow….. It is now 2014! The Milwaukee NAACP is now in a smaller office, the financial contributors have stopped contributing, and the members do not help raise funds!!! The classic Milwaukee NAACP challenges. Did you see it coming, J.H.? Is it “karma?’’ What happened? Are you out there by yourself without a “paddle?’ Have the “nuts” started telling lies on you yet? Be Careful!!! They may place them on the World Wide Web, and the lies stay out there forever!!! No take backs!!! No fact checkers at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or the Milwaukee Drum, they enjoy unsubstantiated hypocrisy. You need a strong disposition, similar to J.H. to withstand the hypocrisy. Well, all has been achieved. J.H. is out of office and no longer able to address issues with press conferences or the press ( isn’t that a part of the NAACP make-up) or with direct actions. They made that Milwaukee Branch NAACP “shut-up!” Black radio is gone, although E.I. put his “foot in his mouth!” I sat in my car and listened the day he blasted B.C. and I said that’s it. As the saying goes “you talk too much, and you never shut-up!” I am certain a few phone calls were made and “boom” they were gone. Did the NAACP come out and support the effort to bring the station back? Did the ex – football player blame the closing on his contributors? O.K………… Well, there are issues that the NAACP needs to address, such as the closing of schools in the African American community – 25 of 48. Who knows who they will have teaching our children. We are headed for more trouble………………….. Remember, there may not be many African American teachers, but there are many African Americans in our community who are in support positions. It will be similar to what happened to African Americans when they closed A.O. Smith ant the Beer factories……………..

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