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Gil-Scott Heron died last week.  The news said, “He had a history of drug use.” One could not argue with that.   However, Gil-Scott Heron’s life was more than just his bout with substance abuse…. I remember hearing him say, “Like the forest they buried beneath the highway…..never had a chance to grow.”   This shook my mind, back in ’78!  How many of us ever stop to think that there is a forest buried underneath I-43.  Why do you think they have to keep patching up the cracks?  That forest is still fighting to break through and be what it was meant to be, just like a lot of our young people and shit some of us old heads as well. This was early in my young, Black life. Young people, I implore you to check this brother out, seriously.  If you dig thought-provoking, conscience-raising art, Hip-Hop, Rap or just like hearing true words spoken; consider also that some of his stuff is 40 years old.

In reality as Gil-Scott passes away with a 20 second sound byte, some of us would be wise to reflect on the fact that our day is getting closer.  What will they say about you when you are gone?  Did I do anything of value?  God knows the kids have given us some cause for concerns.  Did I create any beauty?  Will they even give you and your life a  second thought when you are gone ?Gil-Scott Heron, you did your part.  Job well done Blackman, Black Poet.    The revolution will not be televised or online.  Enjoy your well-deserved rest brother.  The struggle continues.