Hmmmm… this is why you have to view and monitor ALL forms of media. I want you Black People and supporters of President Obama to listen to this interview. It is from Conservative Talker Laura Ingram’s Radio Show in which she has on Harry Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Alford comes out with his guns blazing saying he is going to war with the President because he is trying to destroy his organization. He goes on to say the President is anti-business, Marxist and that he only voted for him because he is Black (a mistake he claimed). Alford calls the President dangerous and that he is wrecking us. He vowed to do all he can to get 2 or 3 million Black People to vote for whoever runs against the President.

I’d really like to hear from some of the local chambers here in the city… Mr. Curtiss Harris and Mr. Reuben Hopkins… what say you brothers?

The brother claims he is a registered independent and that he voted for President Bush twice. He then admitted that Judge Clarence Thomas is a self-hating Black Man and has some issues. Laura then goes Dr. Phil and attempts to set up a play date for these two Black Men…

Back to sanity… I would really love to hear what Harris and Hopkins have to say about this interview. The host asks why there is a need to have ethnic business associations.

Listen to this interview and holla at me.

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