Say What?…Black families protest the NAACP?

Here is another example of the news you don’t get because it exposes  hypocrisy within the ranks of liberal groups. It is time to seriously examine your ideological affinity to traditionally liberal organizations like the Democratic Party, Unions and yes…the NAACP.

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Former socialist/liberal/progressive, second generation American of Mexican descent, revert to Roman Catholicism and small business owner with an unshakeable belief in our free enterprise system and our Constitutional form of government. Aka TFG
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21 Responses to Say What?…Black families protest the NAACP?

  1. Russ says:

    Any alleged lapses by the NAACP should be viewed in context. Charter schools are in some instances another weapon in the right wing arsenal. There is nothing pure and good about the direction the right wing is headed and would take misguided Blacks with it. That direction is massive privatization. Yes, there are so-called Black and Brown conservatives who because of ignorance, naiveté or betrayal will compromise the best interests of their people and themselves. There have always been collaborators in any group. The right-wing views the multibillion dollar public education institution as another opportunity, with a marvelous three-fold payoff: Growing richer by gaining control of the education dollar while simultaneously destroying Black teacher employment and controlling the education (deliberate miseducation) of Black and Brown children. What the public school systems need is reform not replacement — a vile and corrupt replacement consisting of a heartless, intransigent and permanent enemy of Black people. Reform means to put more money and resources into the nation’s public school system, a system which serves the poorest and neediest Americans. The three trillion dollars used to slaughter and destroy in Iraq or the eight hundred billion used to bail out the Wall Street Banksters could have rescued and reformed our public school system. When the twin evils of the Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation are presented as supportive evidence of any idea, please, please be alert to the extremely high probability that it means destruction and death for Black people.

    • roybesq says:

      Every Black family is not a member of the NAACP. I often disagree with half of what they propose but, my question to you is is: Are you trying to insinuate that all Black people have to think alike and if they don’t they are for some reason hipocrits for not doung so? If that’s the case I would presume that all white people can’t think for themsemves and agree with everything Rush has to say. Your analysis is a little like the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Little tortillas says:

        Yes of course, I am aware that not all Black families are a members of the NAACP just like not all Hispanic’s are members of LULAC, otherwise there be no Allen Wests, Herman Cains, Thomas Sowells or James T Harris’s.

        I’m not sure how you could come to that and any other conclusions in your reply because nowhere in my post did I imply any of those points. I don’t see we have a disagreement here?

    • Little tortillas says:

      Russ come on man lets get serious this “right wing” that you characterize doesn’t exist. It is quite simply a myth and is a prime example of what I commonly refer to as the “liberal narrative” that prevails in groups that throw out phony emotionally based accusations when logical argument fails them.

      No, the enemy of Black people isn’t this monstrous, vile profit driven, minority eating “right wing” you have irrationally conjured, it is the perpetual use of that imagery at the hands of those who benefit from its propagation that is the real enemy of Black people (those who believe it anyway). It is what keeps minorities on the plantation having to pay homage to the self-aggrandizing demagogues who promise to lift the yoke of victim hood off their backs with seductive liberation ideologies.

      My friend that is a self-imposed yoke, yet you want us to believe that the problem in public schools is one of a lack of money? Over the past 40 years the percentage of the budget that we spend on public education has increased each and every year yet our children fall further and further behind! I say NO THANK YOU, been there, done that!

      You bet there are evils in Wall Street but they are more closely aligned to the very people who perpetuate these right wing fantasies.

  2. Russ says:

    Tortillas, I am nothing but serious when responding to trickery, deceit and outright lies that are calculated to mislead Black people. That is precisely what you represent in your folly. I could care less whether you work for the enemy of our people for that is a recognized part of the struggle, but when traitors like you attempt to take others with them that is when they must be confronted. You are somewhat different than the run-of-the-mill apologists for this system’s ruling class in that you deny the existence of this leadership to which you have committed your allegience. Rarely do the right wing mouthpieces resort to that tactic. Maybe you subscribe to the “Big Lie” school of thought, the bigger the lie the more likely it will be believed. Your babble is simply beyond absurd. Even notable right wingers acknowledge their own existence! But you say, “Believe me or believe your lying eyes, ears and intelligence.”

    Tortillas lies are: There is no systemic corporate control of US industry, no systematic ownership and control of the mass media, no bought and paid for US Congress, no right-wing dominated US Supreme Court, no stolen national elections in 2000 and 2004, no private ownership of this nation’s banking system. etc. In closing, my sincere and blunt message to Black and Brown people is, Tortilla is a liar and a fraud and I condemn his words with all the strength and intensity within my being!! Reject this phony!!

    • Giant says:

      @Honorable Russ – I’ll co-sign on your comments.

    • Little tortillas says:

      Whoa Russ! I must of struck a nerve however you are proving my point …when logical argument fails, hurl everything including the kitchen sink…. name call, mischaracterize, demonize, etc, etc, etc its all in “Rules for Radicals” and you are playing it by the book. I don’t doubt you are sincere but you are sincerely misguided. It appears there is no point in trying to engage you in a serious dialogue so I’ll bid you farewell and include you in my prayers.

  3. Luonne Dumak says:

    Russ has a severe mental disorder!!

    • Giant says:

      @Luonne – you know not which you speak. Taking that shot at my brother is futher proof at how little you know or care about our people. Thank you for continuing to let US know what our opposition is.

  4. Russ says:

    Thanks for the thumbs up, Giant, and for rebuking the silliness of Luonne Dumak. Bearing witness to the truth in this struggle for the minds of our people is very important. Together we dispel the trickster and his falsehoods. Apparently the effort has succeeded in that Tortilla has decided to leave and go offer prayers to Satan. Please don’t pray for me Tortilla, just go!!

  5. Russ says:

    Evidently devilish little imps think they are owed gentility when they are exposed in their lying, dirty work. Banishment of them and their deceitful words and deeds by any means necessary is still the rule of engagement. When they cry and moan on the way out, that means the mission is accomplished.

  6. littletortillas says:

    Spoken like a true liberal….who projects everything they themselves are guilty of!

    • Zoe says:

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  7. roybesq says:

    I think Tortilla and like minded friends get off by provoking black folks with idiotic assumptions and a pathetic right wing logic that seeks to continue the exploitation, denegration and demonization of black folks. Stupidity, personal opinion and freedom of speech are wonderful and noble concepts protected by the Constitution. However, knowledge (to know) is an even greater concept that requires a higher standard of purpose and factual responsibility. All some people know is liberal versus conservative which means that they generally have little knowledge about what they speak and therefore can easily deny and dismiss others as if the were some how an authority. This is a trick whites have historically come to believe gives them the right to be and feel superior. (White Superiority) I totally agree with Russ. When all else fails turning to God in prayer is the only option. (God is White isn’t she?)

    • littletortillas says:

      My Dear Mr B. you are half right, I do enjoy provoking discussion but I do not discriminate between Black, Hispanic or White left wing iconoclasts, that my friend is a projection and reflective of how you may look things i.e. from a Black vs White perspective. As a minority I have long buried the chip on my shoulder that had prevented me from seeing our common humanity. Anyway I gotta go to work. Peace

      • roybesq says:

        Go then and speak for that minority which you claim to represent. Contradicting your assertions, you constantly make clear yet puzzeling distinctions in your rants and raves when referring to left versus right as well as what you believe versus what others believe. You must think we (black folks) are stupid? Have you ever lived in a black neighborhood or attended a black school? You know what you know, which is very little.

        • littletortillas says:

          Roy Roy Roy it’s unclear what you are trying to say, you are starting to ramble. Putting words in my mouth and attacking me personally doesn’t make for a sound argument. Its apparent you are obsessed with race and I’m not sure where it is in my comments that you read I claim to represent anybody? Further, I only think stupid people are stupid, it doesn’t matter what color they are and yes I have lived in a Black neighborhood and have also attended a Black school but all that has nothing to do with anything anyway.

          Instead of spending all this negative energy on me why don’t you comment one way or another on the original post? That was the point of discussion. Russ apparently likes our public school system and doesn’t like privatization its clear we disagree on this but we still don’t know where you stand and why?

  8. Anonymous says:

    FLASH! Lyrical arsonist’s investigate one of the nation’s most prestigious organizations!! They are said to be armed with a pen and tongues sharper than a double-edged sword! We’ve done the Boule’, Frats & Sororities and the UNCF. Guess who’s next… The NAACP: The National Association for the Advancement of CERTAIN People!

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