Time to expose my first “Uncle Ruckus” for our more conservative leaning Black Supporters. Remember a month or so ago when the so-called “Milwaukee Black Conservative People” conference/meeting/biscuits & gravy rally was hyped on TMD? Remember? Well… I just wanted to expose the fraud known as Rev. C.L. Bryant who was paid to come to town to whip the handful of Black Conservatives into a frenzy. This self-proclaimed runaway slave is no better than a two-bit hustler and trick turner on those (YOU) conservatives of brown melanin. The only running away this pimp has done is from his own soul.

Uncle Ruckus... Of The Boondocks Cartoon

Don’t be fooled Black Conservatives, don’t fall for his headfake… he wants to sell you the snake oil of “liberals are your masters” conservatism is the way out for all Americans… who else is more credible than a Black Preacher, a former NAACP Branch President? He is being paid to represent a false image of a former Black Dem/Liberal who has found Jesus and Conservatism and now is forever patriotic and free!!!!!! Snake oil I says… dastardly I says!!!!

A TMD source shared with me that the good Rev. C.L. Bryant is interested in trying to sell certain Black Commentators on the idea that they could market an on-air rivalry of two Black Commentators, one conservative the other liberal. Bryant believes they could make a lot of money. Yet, he dares to call out others for their sins of prostituting Black People.

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