Black Republicans… Here’s What YOUR Party (And Cain) Thinks About US

So let me get this straight… the darkest republican in the room doesn’t want to be referred to as African American (see Herman Cain). He states (see more in article below) that the word “African” on the front of his racial identity limits him and inaccurately describes him. “I don’t like people trying to label me,” Cain said. “’African-American’ is socially acceptable for some people, but I am not some people.”

What the hell? A Black Man makes a few hundred million flippin’ pizzas and now he doesn’t want to be called “African” American… just American. It’s ok for some, but I’m somehow greater than you other Black, excuse me “African” Americans. Say what! Didn’t this (Black) man attend Morehouse College? Does he disown that prestigious institution which help produce his genius? Isn’t Morehouse a HBCU aka Historically Black College and or University? If it were up to Cain, OUR institutions of higher learning would be HCUs.

This dude is a trip and I’m tired of fake a** Black, bi-racial, people of color republicans acting as though they are color blind. Let Cain walk 2 blocks away from his so-called republican convention get togethers and he’ll find out quick just how Black his a** really is to those he think will vote for his Black, excuse me, “African’ American a**. I’m sick of this bull****, wake the hell up and be Black, Brown, whatever the hell color or ethnicity you are in your politics. Why can’t you be proud of your history and why must you lay it down for the sake of some political ideology?

That’s some bull**** I’m tired of reading, seeing, and hearing. I’m tired of your fake a** ideologs who run from your ethnicity. Sick of it!!!!!

Oh yeah, and bringing in a comedian to portray President Barack Obama is not funny to me. So they pay someone to shuck, jive, and giggaboo for all the happy White faces in good ole Naulins. Give me a ________ break! Defend that bull****, and Black People are supposed to support this ish???!!!! Damn, where is the consciousness in your Black Republicans to sit back and take that ish??? Read this piece below and let me know what you think of them running clips of Fred Sanford and the rest of the ish that went on down there. Wake up.

G –


Funniest Joke Ever? The GOP Wooing Blacks
Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 4:33 am
By: Michael H. Cottman,

The Republican Party is schizophrenic.

One day, the GOP claims it wants to become more racially inclusive and reach out to African-Americans to broaden the GOP’s ethnic membership, and days later, Republicans do something bizarre that totally undermines their questionable outreach efforts.

This week, for example, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain announced that he doesn’t like the idea of being labeled an African-American. During an interview with Bloomberg, Cain said that he prefers to be called an American, explaining that the word “African” on the front of his racial identity limits him and inaccurately describes him.

“I don’t like people trying to label me,” Cain said. “’African-American’ is socially acceptable for some people, but I am not some people.”

So, here’s the GOP saying it wants more African-Americans to join the ranks of the Republican Party, but the only black GOP presidential candidate insists that he doesn’t want to be called African-American.

How do Republicans really intend to attract blacks to the GOP with candidates like Cain? This is not to say that all blacks agree on the reference to African-Americans, but most blacks in America agree that their roots – even partially – originated somewhere on the continent of Africa. It’s highly likely that Cain’s family has an African connection, too.

If the GOP believes Cain will lead the welcome wagon for African-Americans, Republicans should think again.

There’s more. Cain’s surprise announcement comes as Reggie Brown, a comedian impersonating President Barack Obama, made racial jokes Saturday at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

“Michelle celebrates all of Black History Month,” Brown quipped about Obama’s bi-racial heritage. “I only celebrate half.”

Brown also said: “My mother loved a black man, and she was not a Kardashian.”

And flashing a picture on the screen of Fred Sanford of “Sanford and Son,” Brown said that’s what Obama would look like when he got older.

Brown didn’t just limit his jokes to Obama, though. He also mocked Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, ridiculed Newt Gingrich’s faltering campaign and suggested Tim Pawlenty needed a spinal transplant. As Brown was preparing to make a Michele Bachmann joke, one of the conference’s officials came out to the lectern and told the comedian to leave the stage.

A reporter who attended the event exposed the GOP’s double-standard – and thin skin. He said Republicans laughed at Brown’s racial jokes about Obama, but they cut Brown off and escorted him off the stage only after he began to make jokes about Republicans. In fact, when Brown aimed his humor at presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, the audience booed him.

One thing is certain: Republicans can’t take a joke.

Brown said organizers told him he would have 15 to 20 minutes to perform. But after 17 minutes and midway through a joke about Bachmann, his microphone was cut, and he was escorted off the stage.

“I do believe that I was over my time by a few minutes,” Brown told CNN Monday, “and I also believe that the material was starting to get to a point to where maybe they started to, you know, feel uncomfortable with where it was going. But I was just doing my thing.”

Republican Leadership Conference Chairman Charlie Davis said Brown’s performance had gone too far.

“Had I been in the room, I would have pulled him sooner,” Davis told CNN. “We have zero tolerance for racially insensitive jokes. As soon as I realized what was going on, I rushed backstage and had him pulled.”

Maybe Davis should have pulled his fellow Republican, Hugh McInnish, before he got started.

In March, Hugh McInnish, a member of the Madison County (Alabama) Republican Executive Committee, tried to explain the racial disparities in the Alabama public school system. At a press conference, McInnish claimed that “blacks misbehave on average more frequently than whites do,” and that black students don’t perform as well as white students. McInnish also offered a chart that showed the “black crime rate” and the “white crime rate.” The chart indicated that black people commit more than six times the violent crime of white people overall – eight times as many murders as white people and more than 14 times as many robberies, McInnish said.

Meanwhile, while Cain is telling the media not to call him an African-American, black Republicans proudly list a number of prominent African-Americans as members of the GOP: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mary McLeod Bethune, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former Rep. J.C. Watts; Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and boxing promoter Don King.

As the 2012 presidential race heats up, the GOP has already indicated that it will reach out to blacks and Hispanics in hopes of luring more people of color to the Republican Party. Previous efforts, however, have appeared half-hearted, and black Democrats never believed that Republicans are serious about lobbying black folks.

With Republicans laughing at racially-tinged jokes about President Obama, it’s hard to imagine that the GOP will ever be committed to embracing the black electorate, no matter how many African-Americans they list on a web site.

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19 Responses to Black Republicans… Here’s What YOUR Party (And Cain) Thinks About US

  1. Wonder Woman says:

    Brother Giant,
    Firstly like many people Cain opposes the term “African American.” So what? I am not a fan either. For 2 reasons, one being Rev. Jesse Jackson made a lot of money scaring white folks into the term he created. I remember the corporation that played some tapes of his Operation PUSH staff forcing the company to use the term AND pay them (donation) in order to keep Jackson from calling out their company. So I may use it from time to time but I cannot help but get sick that he created the label.
    Secondly is the goal for all of us to become one nation under God? I know NBC would not like it but the labels and terms and politically correctness of this society is a bit much and like Cain many people want to remove labels altogether. Everything is so compartmentalized that we can’t seem to get past the labels and start seeing people for who and what they are. I can speak to this first hand. I always preface things saying I subscribe to Black Conservatism. The very second I do that I catch all kinds of hell. Why can’t I be me, WW with her own thoughts and ideologies that most times parallel with conservatism? No! People want to put a label on me and stick me up Rush Limbaugh’s a.. I HATE THAT. I really do. I can think and come up with my own conclusions without leaning on the brains of white men.
    I find Cain an interesting person because he is doing double duty educating Repubs and showing a different style of leadership to all. I don’t think of him as the typical candidate or Black candidate. I am not his biggest fan but I give him points for being Herman Cain. He is not trying to be the typical Black Republican as we saw Michael Steele do. It didn’t work for him very well at all. Look how fast his party turned on him, used him to offset Obama and then out he went. That was cold!
    Cain often refuses to let any group label him and has caused some trouble in the past debates with the RNC because of words and terms they too wanted to place on him so I can see that as consistent with his message and style –no labels, none. However my jury is still out on him because as much as he is trying to educate America and the RNC about his type of leadership, I am not sure I am on board that ship yet.
    As your article points out and from reading articles a lot of people had a problem with that “comedian” and have gone on record disgusted by his antics. He also made fun of Repubs too which the article does mention but you chose not to. It shows that he was an equal opportunity offender and an a..hole. The person who hired him should have been fired and I also think he was looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Well he got it, but I don’t think that was how he wanted it to turn out. Repubs didn’t need that either because right now they are in a position to get Black votes but they got to be for real and that is going to be a chore! I would hope the NBRA (National Black Republican Association) will be dealing with it further as they said they would. They are pretty good about making some progress on race matters within the RNC but we will see. It was not okay but a good lesson for the RNC is to be had from this. If they want more of us, they have to put in the work. I’m not cheap, neither is my vote. They need to really do some deep changing and not with a face or two, but with programs and thought that show they understand the urban life and racism and their role in it! There are so many good, qualified Black conservatives and Republicans out here but they keep it real at all times so they get little to no love. It is time to call out the RNC on that too! Booker T Rising and Black Agenda Report also do well providing these people with places to reach the masses.
    None the less this is equal to what white folks feel when they see their loved ones portrayed equally as rotten. I am sure GWB and Scott Walker do not like being compared to Hitler but I did not see your outrage on that. Not saying that you didn’t either but now the shoe is on the other foot. We get a Black man in and people seem to see what some of us been pointing out for eons. It is not right or acceptable to take our politics to “hate level 10” no matter your color but yet Blacks seem to get a pass when we do it. No one ever calls out Lena “Hater” Taylor so why now are we so upset? It’s not cool is it but we seem to excuse it more when it’s us doing the name calling. It still doesn’t make it right.
    Anyway good article none the less. Food for thought!! I too have been an offender so I am not one to judge but I am speaking from the Conservative end so you would not think we are all in a corner hiding. We make mistakes, we need to own up to them. The plug should have been pulled at joke one. The damage will make for good commercials for 2012 politics. I can see Keith Oberman and Rachel Maddow now.

    Foot Note:
    Black conservatism is a political and social movement rooted in communities of African descent that aligns largely with the conservative movement around the world. It often emphasizes patriotism, independence and self-sufficiency, free enterprise, and strong cultural conservatism within the context of the Black church. In the United States it is often, but not exclusively, associated with the Republican Party.

    • Giant says:

      @My Sister Dub Dub – let me borrow your Lasso of Truth and wrap it around you for a serious response to my question… you replied in the following, “Firstly like many people Cain opposes the term “African American.” So what? I am not a fan either. For 2 reasons, one being Rev. Jesse Jackson made a lot of money scaring white folks into the term he created. I remember the corporation that played some tapes of his Operation PUSH staff forcing the company to use the term AND pay them (donation) in order to keep Jackson from calling out their company. So I may use it from time to time but I cannot help but get sick that he created the label.

      Secondly is the goal for all of us to become one nation under God? I know NBC would not like it but the labels and terms and politically correctness of this society is a bit much and like Cain many people want to remove labels altogether.”

      My question, why is it that ONLY Black People want to drop their ethnicity (or as you prefer label) as an identifier when it comes to being an American? Our Jewish brothers don’t, our Hispanic brothers don’t, our Native brothers don’t, none of the multi-ethnic melting-pot Americans want to drop that identifier… just those of our conservative Black brothers. What are you ashamed of? Why is a bad to be African and an American? Why is is shameful to be a Black American?

      To hell with the one nation under God. In the bible didn’t the Creator Himself destroy the Tower of Babel for that exact reason and make the different humans speak in a different tongue? Didn’t man want to unite and be at one (One World Government) and defy the Almighty? Did HE reject that arrogance of man? If he want us to all be the same I’m sure he would have made us that way. He created us in HIS image and we should love and embrace that which HE made not run from it.

      And regarding your I don’t like it ’cause Rev. Jackson blah blah blah… come on sis… weak, weak, weak. If I were to accept that logic in all that is around me and what MY PEOPLE have been subject too, I’d be hating every White person I saw for the crimes they’ve commited against my people. I forgive, won’t forget, but I move on because life demands that I do and seek towards the light of truth and freedom. You are giving too much power to you opposition or dislike of a single action of a man who has benefitted your advancement in your present. I hope you can reconcile that for whatever you may disagree with regarding our brother, he has advanced some issues in which you and your seeds have (or will) benefit from.

      And why call yourself Black conservative. Just be conservative. Why is there National Black Republican Party or Association? If you are all one why do you have to separate yourselves or distinguish who you are and why you are different?

      Remember, I will tighten that lasso even more if you refuse to speak with soul force and not the political poision you’ve been subjected to.

      If you are Black and Proud don’t EVER lay that down for the sake of being a part of some foreign philosophy. I was Black before I was conscious. I am consciouls and therefore I am Black.

      G –

  2. disrael says:

    What exactly is it that Black conservatives want to conserve? Which colonizer do we align our patriotism with, when and where are Black people self-sufficient, free enterprise-lmao. Seems to me that not much out of the last couple of centuries any Black/African/Carribean/Dark-skinned/poor/aboriginal person should be conserving, ijs.

  3. Wonder Woman says:

    I will stand in the conservative movement born of our ancestors like Booker T Washington and company. They created balance knowing we must use tradition and poas mistakes ot make for a better future.
    I know , I know look how well that worked for them, but I still believe in their Conservatism and the movement of self-siffciency and fre enterprise and all that good stuff…

    • Ann says:

      Have you ever heard of the “Southern Strategy”?
      Do you understand that what WAS once the “republican party” is now the “Democratic Party”?
      What was once the party of Lincoln, Booker T., and Martin is now the Democratic Party?

      If you are going to be part of something, then you need to do research on that something.

      I read what you wrote and realize that you’ve been made a mimic or you are just ignorant of the facts.

      • Wonder Woman says:

        Maybe what we both know is two differernt things and instead of chastizing someone possibly understanding them may bring us to a happy middle. I am very well-versed in my teachings and understandings of my conservative roots. Thank you but I would accuse no one I do not know of being ignorant unless I took the time to truly understand their journey.


  4. disrael says:

    Agreed WW those concepts in their pure forms are human values that have proven to build nations; yet the opportunity to practice them has never been afforded us here in America. When they say ‘conservative’ they are not talking about the same thing you and I are talking about.

  5. Wonder Woman says:

    Who says it is only us? I can introduce you to a myriad of people who prefer to drop the titles. Hell most titles are obvious and when do we start becoming the great social experiment of a melting pot our forefathers wanted, including OUR ancestors? They gave of their blood to this dream. The continued use of labels only sets to further keep us building walls of hate and false pretenses. That is my belief! I do not think in the least bit that this is a Black Conservative movement as way too many of my liberal friends believe in the ending of labels more vocally than I do. It does have to end! I hate labels at conferences where I have to put my name and “title” or something stupid and I hate man-made labels. We need to get passed the white man’s singling out of any gap he can put between us. Does that make sense? I’m Black and White and I am proud, but if you don’t see it in how I’m living then why waste my breath telling you something you should know. I am not living right!! Actions!!
    (My take) He destroyed the Tower of Babel because of the complacency of those residing there. They had built that Tower to reach God using power, corruption and greed as their motivation, not love and human compassion. The nerve of these people to think they were deserving of this great power and knowledge!! Thus he sent them in every direction so that they could “restart” and find their way back to each other after the lesson was learned. Only one holds absolute power and He is Yahweh.
    Sort of like that Matt Damon movie. “The Adjustment Bureau” where God sets things right through his “angels.” Similar to those times, man again lets his need for absolute knowledge and power destroy some very beautiful concepts, human compassion, love-unconditional, and the end to tribal war (the quest for power and victory over what?). I do not think we will get it either and thus our fate is already written and sealed and being delivered as we speak.
    I brought up the point of the Rev. Jackson to remind us of how the term came to being and no matter what, it does not sit well with me how it came to pass. He profited in money and power because of it and we the sheep made it happen. I don’t like it so to me it is valid that this label already stinks of the tainted poison he is. Sorry it does and it will always. I cannot forget that, I can move passed it but it is a point some do argue. They give him no credit, but sadly he is part of our history.
    I use my Black conservative term on this sight and with many others I discuss with as a preface and yes as a warning “label”. I think it only fair that I share my “labels” right off the top. You are right why use it? Well I think on Drum I could probably stop using it but in world outside of Drum people seem to want to know and will not respect you if you put that out after they befriend you. I cannot count how many people have stopped talking to me, cursed me, and all of the above once they found out. So I feel like unless I give full disclosure, people feel cheated or frauded by me. Not sure why but that is the case a majority of the time.None the less I am Black Conservative and very proud. My heritage is rich and my ancestors many.
    I think sadly we will always cling to our labels. In the Republican party, there NEEDS to be some education to our movement and our people and though within our groups, Republicans, Tea Drinkers, Conservative, Right Wing Extremists or whatever the case may be, there are still the label makers and users. Our fight with our own and within (but very necessary) is with the people who use us for background scenery (when they need a Black face) and all kinds of racism fought with education and truth that unfortunately includes keeping the labels for the battle, or masks on because people on either side are not ready for us. Although I am not sure why because we were the first. From Booker to Martin, we held true to conservative themes, putting a African spin on them because that is who we are.
    Now I have to say I am bi-racial so I can’t always say I see things Black. I see things in a most unusual way so I would be remiss if I did not share all of me because I love all of me and that I see tradition as a way of honor and wisdom not to reinvent the wheel and forget all we have learned.

    • Giant says:

      @Dub Dub, I’m going to make this a pillow fight out of love… but why ‘label’ yourself bi-racial if you don’t want to label yourself African Amercan? Why use or choose to not use a ‘label’ out of pause as to what others think? Be convicted and have conviction in who you are sis.

      My larger point is something which I may not have made clear or you may not be seeing… but let me take it to the bible and specifically the OT. I love using the Hebrews/Jewish brothers as a model because they do it correct. When you ask a jewish person the question what are you do they answer American or Jewish? Same as an Italian-American, Greek-American, Asian-American, Polish, German, etc., etc., etc. Yet, you claim Jesse Jackson trademarked the term African-American. He must own the trademark to the word Africa and African if you make this point. With all due love and respect, your arguement is as week as the tomato soup my grandmother would give us after adding 2 cans of water with it.

      You see, what the wise people due is understand that what you claim as a ‘label’ is an identifier. It ties them to their history and legacy of what their ancestors did. You only want to claim a Booker T. Washington and other Black (Americans of African Descent) Conservatives who were produced after being brainwashed, poisioned, and robbed of their true legacy. Their is no roots to the tree you get your fruit from my dear sister.

      Back to our Jewish brothers… the 12 tribes of Israel. They identified themselves tribally, not as Israelites exclusively. They were Levites, Benjamites, etc. Each tribe was known for something and were given a legacy and promise. If you ask a Jewish person in 2011, they can tell you which tribe they are descendent from.

      So, again… just my view on why I consider myself Black first. Anyone can process themselves legally and become an American, there is nothing unique to being born here that makes me more American than someone who is an immigrant. Some chose to come others were forced to the shores. America is a big melting pot, but I don’t believe you should every overlook the ingredients within that pot… especially our portion.

      G –

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ WW, It can be distracting and confusing to assign too much value to labels. However labels do serve the purpose of distinguishing “this” from “that”. If a person lives a long, full life they will undoubtedly spend some time in a number of different categories. One way to get around labels is to judge the tree by the fruit that it bears.

  7. Wonder Woman says:

    My brother don’t go soft on me because that’s what I am here for “the challenge” you all give me.
    I agree with being an African or being a German. I see your point there. I am proud of my roots but if we are these things in order to become American musn’t we have to put them aside to assimilate as America is supposed to do? how do we melt if we don’t let our soup stew? How do we become one if we are constantly putting the label before the person? Such as with an application or check box on a form for school or whatever the case may be? We are already forming opinions and we see where that gets us-judged and convicted.
    As for Booker T and others who ascribed to that way of thinking, I do not think they forgot where they came from and I am sure we can debate till the cows come home whether our conservative roots are very tied in African tribal customs such as the Masai (sp?) or Yuruban customs for example. Tradition and conservatism run very deep and we can make cases for both. Having studied Black and African customs for some time I can make a case for both off the top of my head without trying, so to I think it only fair Booker gets his cerdit in staying the course which was at that time a sacred tradition of our people and allowing those traditions to cultivate in the crop of dirty, tainted American soil by force. What was he going to do?
    Anyway I agree our Jewish brethren and even some of our Muslim brethren, and orthodox too got it right, about keeping a sacred space between the culture and the sanizing of it from history and our future generations but we did not do that and we are very “mixed” so we cannot go back now.
    I would like to not be described as biracial but I use admittingly to seperate myself, to identify mysefl, or to get a scholarship. It would not pay to go to school right now and chekc the “Caucasian” box but still going back to Cain’s original statement I strongly belive he is trying to create or educate in people that he is not a color. Obama did this as well when he envoked his leadership over all Americans not just he negros or red states. He got away from labels and like Obama, Cain too sees this as something that lends to our race to stop the judgement and hatred that comes from in his Republican party and outside it. Why can’t he be Herman Cain w/o the Black Conservative attached? We are in the business of labeling and I admit guilt as well.
    As for Jesse, well he didn’t trademark it but his promotion of it still angers me, like being intentionally lied to by your lover, something you never get over even if it is watered down tomato soup, its still soup none the less!
    Before Jess used African-American, people used what they felt they were, now, well now people are just as confused as us mixed folk. I believe in not creating false pretenses that we hide behind. Now white folks feel obligated to call us AA. There is a lot to be learned in the terms and labels we are given. I alsways tell people if Rush is racist, it is good he tell us on the radio. It is the colset racist you should be on the look out for, same with labels, the ones assigned to us without our knowledge are the ones we really need to watch out for in the end right?

  8. Ann says:

    Cain was an embarrassment to Black Americans. He was a buffoon and GOP entertainment.

    For all of your intelligence, you are running so hard and fast from your blackness that you feel the need to explain why. Let me say this, I don’t care.

    Biracial…I only use it when…you’re copping a plea and I feel pity for you. Be honest and shame the devil.

    Black republicans are a stain. They are begging to be accepted by people that has noting but a smiling mouth and contempt. The conservatives tell you all everyday and in everyway you will never be welcomed where it matters and that is in the policy making positions of the party. Michael Steele was let in, but not far enough in to make a lasting impact.

    Black republicans are delusional. You will never be invited to the big table.

    I’m with you, about YOU. Let go of the guilt about wanting to drop the African label out of some “stance” being taken, but because it is what you want to do.

    Check out the “Southern Strategy”.

  9. Wonder Woman says:

    I think we all are aware of that and about 100 different strategies. Your anger however and desrie to call out people you have no idea about leads me to believe that your hostilities are very misplaced.
    It is always very telling when someone comes into the site and starts assuming and accusing without proper background knowledge. Also to hang your hat on one strategy when many are in play is a bit short sided.
    As for me I am not Republican and my conservitism is rooted in African conservatisim not the watered down American version. We have many beliefs and ideas that are not tied to parties and strategies. We would be fools to align with such. I guess I would ask you to also research and learn a bit about BEE and other strategies that we do implement and how they are working.

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    • Bruna says:

      Where do they get these assholes? For a long time, I asuesmd they were manufactured in Taiwan like other wind-up toys — search YouTube for “Lloyd Marcus” and compare with Herman Cain; you’ll see what I mean. But in fact (1) the tea party has been very, very active in recruiting minority mouthpieces like Allen West and Herman Cain (2) the culture of fundie politics extends into the African American community via the church (3) Alan Keyes did it first.

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