Once again, Dr. Bonds is not the Black Man to step to on radio (ask Ald. Willie Hines). By my count, Bonds has run his record to 2 – 0 after making quick work of fromer (some would say disgraced, see State Sen. Spencer Coggs) State Sen. Gary George. Dr. Bonds reminded me of Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones when he dropped ‘Ether’ on Jigga (Jay-Z bka Beyonce’s hip hop husband) back in the day (see video/audio clip below). That dis track is regarded as the greatest dis track in hip hop history.

Anyway, George came on the Morning Magazine (didn’t hear it) popping off about Bond’s bankruptcy filing and how he felt he couldn’t effectively lead the Board of MPS Schools as a result. Bad move, very bad move on George’s part because Bonds promptly went on the Evening Rush and pimped slapped (I don’t condone pimping or slapping of working women) George as if he didn’t earn enough on the track. In fact, I think Bonds may have said George was out of pocket. Anyway, Bonds kicked George in the nuts and we have the 2 minutes plus of what could be best described as Mike Tyson beating some chump in the first round (before Tokoyo and Buster Douglass). Listen as Bonds drops these left and rights to the head of what must have been an unconcious George if he were listening. Oh, and if he hasn’t heard tell him to click on the player and enjoy his kick in the teeth all over again and don’t nuke any popcorn ’cause it’s over in less than 3 minutes. Here are the highlights…

  • Gary George approached me (Dr. Bonds) with a 400k kickback scheme
  • George is a convicted felon
  • In the 80’s, George wanted nothing to do with the Black Community
  • George had 2 Caucasian wives
  • George bought a home in Grafton with stolen money
  • The Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau has 2 pages of criminal records of George – http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lrb/

Warning, the following audio may cause you to experience uncontrollable laughter and sudden desire to shout AMEN! Do not, I repeat do not listen if you are in the room with strangers as they may think you are crazy…

Before I let you go, what do you think? Does Dr. Bonds have a point about former State Sen. Gary George having no credibility to judge someone else? Come on Milwaukee… haven’t you been waiting for someone to have the sack to say this publicly about George? Or was Bond’s out of bonds with these comments? Let the people hear what you have to say Milwaukee… all comments are welcome, those who support Bonds or George or those who oppose them.

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