For anyone with a young man in their life or a young athlete in training, Herm Edwards speech at the Rookie Symposium yesterday was a must see moment. It was truly a watershed moment for young Black men in the NFL and this is a message that needs to get to the masses!

Don’t say no one never told you or gave you the 411. Here it is:

Sadly it is not the full speech which is unavailable but here are some excerpts:

“You get one piece of jewelry. You don’t need the Mr. T starter set” and “If it’s midnight, get out of there. Nothing good happens after midnight.” Just giving some real talk doing his part to shatter egos in this year’s NFL 2011 rookie class.



Herman “Herm” Edwards, Jr. (born April 27, 1954) is an American football analyst who most recently coached in the National Football League for the Kansas City Chiefs. He was fired from this position on January 23, 2009. Since then, he has been hired as a football analyst for ESPN.[1] He played the position of cornerback for ten seasons (1977–1986) with the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams and Atlanta Falcons. Prior to his coaching career, Edwards was known best as the player who recovered a fumble by Giants quarterback Joe Pisarcik on a play that has been dubbed by some as “The Miracle at the Meadowlands.”

Before being hired as the tenth head coach in Kansas City Chiefs history, Edwards was the head coach of the New York Jets from 2001–2005. He is infamous for his gameday terminology, known by fans as “Hermisms,” including the quote and sound bite, “You play to win the game!”, a message that Edwards gave during a New York Jets press conference. It also became the title of his book, a collection of “leadership lessons” for the reader to use as personal motivation.