Black people, African Americans, Nubians, Bilalians, Niggers, whatever you call yourself or choose to answer to, please stay focused.  When did gay marriage, immigration reform, Basketball Wives or Casey Anthony become critical issues in the pursuit of Black Power?   Do not be deceived….watch for the hand behind the scene.  Tavis and Sharpton fueding or whether The President is Black enough are sidebar issues.  we can get back to that ish once we rebuild the Black community/family.  Lets get our people working and healthy.  We still have folks in our community with no electricity in their homes,  no telephones and in some instances plumbing that rivals third-world countries. If you were a member of one of the free and functioning ethnic groups in America you could spend your time debating such frivolousness.  Black people do not have that luxury….stopping  the daily MURDERS, sexual assaults, robberies and the general breakdown of Black society must be the focus.  Distractions can be fun but nation bulding is serious business and its later than you think….chop, chop.