Roll ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

What happened to Milwaukee’s War on Blunt Wraps and ….

Some time ago Common Council President/Alderman Willie Hines banned the sale of drug paraphernalia by local gas stations, corner stores, and local businesses. Today you can find these products everywhere you turn so I wonder what happened to that ban and why now are blunt wraps and designer drugs in the convenience stores with little to no restrictions on them. Many places you go, you can find someone smoking their swisher sweet blunts right out in public with or sans weed. I thought we were working on stopping the promotion of drug use which included things that imply drug use?

Some of this goes to the fact that in America illegal drugs make up $100 BILLION of our economy. That means if we really made an effort to just say no and stop the sale and use of illegal drugs, our economy would cease to exist. I had heard Frederick Alexander Meade talk about this fact on Earl Ingram’s show. WOW $100 BILLION. This is too much for us common folk to wrap our heads around and certainly too much money to do anything about without getting killed. Most of us have seen the news and media surrounding Mexican borders and the innocent blood being shed for the safe passage of these drugs into our country. Who are we to stop such a powerful industry if our elected can’t? Look what happened to Hillary Clinton when she tried to warn us of the dangers, they put a hit out on her.  None the less we live directly in the results of this drug induced culture every single day. As tax payers we pay in one way or the other and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and other such cults are big business pushers that may or may not help. Who cares, it won’t stop and addiction/recovery are also big business. Why do you think AA and NA have few rivals for all of these years even though there are proven drugs in other countries that are actually helping addicts get the monkey off their backs successfully? To most of us this side of the pond those medicines are not insured and expensive but available for a price.

Getting back to Milwaukee, some of this goes to the fact that police did not deal with the original ban and never really enforced it. It became an afterthought. But Lord forbid you smoke in a bar or restaurant, or talk on a cell while driving, or don’t buckle up and you will end up a feature story on some local news story hidden video series with a big fine, ticket and criminal record.

The rest of this is we simply stopped caring as a community. Honestly we got bigger fish to fry and this should have been a simple task. If you want to own and operate in Milwaukee, your business must not sell blunt wraps and drug paraphernalia. PERIOD! But now I see blunt wraps sold as far as Brookfield, so that tells me we have no chance of stopping it here in the city. Although I still contend it should not be that damn difficult. We have hotlines for everything else under the sun.

So why are we selling blunt wraps and all the fixings for drug use in the inner city?

We still patronize these places because they are convenient. We gave up supporting our own businesses because they were priced out or were bad businesses in terms of customer service or management. The new owners are not of our country or community and could care less about the after effects of their sales. They go off to Mequon or wherever and call it day. They offer a ton of stuff, real cheap prices, and can now take Qwest and WIC and all the government aid you can support any business on. Had some of our businesses lived to see Qwest and WIC programs they might have been able to contend, but now they are gone.

Is it time to revisit the ban and add these items to the list, or should it be okay to sell items we all know are commonly used for drug use and expect the community to rise above this? Our kids are going into these shops and they are not dumb, they know what the stuff is used for and admire it and wait for their turn to participate in this exchange. Should our current mayor take a walk into a corner store and see what all qualifies as a “tobacco product” in Milwaukee? Wouldn’t it be nice to see him in the inner city not for a photo op but for something that is not a direct result of violence or giving/receiving an award but walking around the “hood” to stop and take in the city from our vantage point? Former mayor, John Norquist used to ride the bus A LOT, this mayor, only when a camera is around.

Funny when other communities piped up about stores like Starship and its sales of drug paraphernalia no one disagreed and the stores complied. Seems like the inner city stores operate under a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. I think it is far past time to take back our corners!!


Peace Family,