“Billionaire Barrett” set to spend Obama out of Office! $$$$ 95 Million and Counting $$$$

First off we had “Diamond Jim Doyle,” now we have “Billionaire Barrett” who feels Obama does not have enough on his plate and wants to spend Milwaukee and the Federal coiffeurs into the poor house! Once again turning his back to the poor and inner city community he keeps claiming to care about so much and wants to help. Remember the speech Mayor Tom Barrett gave when he lost his bid to Walker for governor? I DO! He promised to refocus on Milwaukee and US, but still here we are with unemployment in the city at its highest. We even top the nation in Black unemployment rates, but we got $$ 60 Million locally for streetcars? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Milwaukee is soon to add a new streetcar to the streets of Milwaukee, hoping for federal funding (which by the way is still you and me footing the bill), the city is hoping you won’t notice that this $95 million streetcar will cause more debt and no jobs or any  travel to jobs for our community. It won’t even bring people to our part of the city to shop or support our businesses! So why should we pay for something that really is designed for white folks entertainment?

First off, as someone mentioned the #30 bus route more than covers most of the proposed route! So why again do we need a streetcar? Will it create an abundance of jobs for Black Milwaukee? NOPE!! However many think they can steam roll this right into existence and so far they are right.

The city would use $54.9 million in federal transit aid, matched by $9.7 million in tax-incremental financing, to build a 2-mile streetcar line from the lower east side to the downtown Amtrak-Greyhound station. Streetcars would run every 10 minutes weekdays and every 15 minutes in the early-morning rush hour with late-night and weekend service, starting in 2013 possibly.

Consultants hired by our friends at the utility companies submitted reports that are completely absurd with their figures. They will have to rip up several streets to remove gas, electric, steam, phone, cable, and other utilities. WE Energies assessed this cost for just their portion as an estimated cost of $45 MILLION DOLLARS!!! AT & T estimated it would cost in the TEN OF THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS to tear up JUST BROADWAY STREET ALONE!!

Some supporters of this project think tax payers should pick up this “utility” expense while we keep TRYING TO SEEK federal support. Mind you again federal support is still YOU AND ME PICKING UP THE TAB!!! Also might I mention Obama is catching hell without adding millions more to a Milwaukee streetcar project? He is busy cutting pork and bloated spending projects why are we asking for more when we should be scaling back?

With no jobs and no Black interests at stake, I am going to have to get in my invisible leer and do some real JustUS league lifesaving. Come on Milwaukee, do we need this right now? Black Milwaukee, can we afford to keep signing onto projects and not get anything in return? For all we have agreed to and supported all we got is a handshake and light bulb. (Those who got them know what I mean).

How about we get Bronzeville fixed up and then we get a train to come and choo choo its way past us first then we can worry about the have’s versus the have-not’s!! ENOUGH, our time for some attention from this mayor and this Common Council is past due and WE NEED HELP NOW!! Not a damn train!!!

As someone commented to me, why not run a bus route in the same exact area and if it does well, meaning staying in the black, not costing us any additional spending, we can move to this silliness.



Even our own local  “Bruce Wayne,” Chris Abele knows this is some foul mess. Abele said he supported new transit options only if they could be run “sustainably, responsibly and efficiently.”

Abele added that “our proximate focus has to be on the transit system,” which is facing a cut of nearly $7 million a year in state aid. We depend on busses in the inner city and the loss of those services would cripple the Black community. These new streetcars do not get our people to or from any type of job.

Former County Exec Walker once said streetcars would take riders and funding from buses. Reports from other cities like Portland say crime and vandalism also follow streetcars. Some also said it helped bring in business as well.

With this route not traveling past one Black business, or person, what is our stake in it? Seems to me if the East side wants it, let the East side pay for it, we need JOBS and EMPLOYMENT. This choo choo train will not bring anything to us AT ALL except more debt!

Peace Family,