The Murder Of Frederick Jermaine Carter In ‘Sipp

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One Response to The Murder Of Frederick Jermaine Carter In ‘Sipp

  1. Sandra J Gaillard says:

    Our sons are dying at the hands of them and at the hands of us… This moves me to do something, anything but, stand by and watch the hatred leak slowing from the young veins of our sons. Two years ago, I watch a young man get shot and died in the yard next to me over an argument. He was a young man, with two young children and one on the way. I had talked to him the day before, he was upset, after child support, he only only $75.00 in his pocket. He died over $5.00 he had lent to a friend and was trying to retrieve his funds. Is this all our son’s lives are worth?

    This murder of this young man, Fredrick Jermaine Carter hurts. For every mother, it should echo that there will be fire next time. I have to many friends whose sons are no longer with us. Many shot and killed by the Milwaukee Police Department and others by the hands of our people. Business goes on as usual. What this tells me, we live in a society where it is OK to murder our sons. Most of their homicides go unsolved and even if they have the suspect, it cost to much to charge them. I beg sistas to love their sons, to raise their sons to love themselves and arm them with knowledge and protect them from those elements that rob them of their young lives. I urge our Brothers to show love and compassion to these young men. Raised your sons to love themselves in return, they will love you enabling them to have compassion for men who look like them.

    There has always been an open season on African life. We have to change, we are on automatic pilot, immersed in our own self hatred. We are outraged when our sons are murdered at the hands of other folks but, we must be equally be outraged when it is done within our people.

    I hurt, I hurt badly when I rested my eyes on the spirit of this young man, wondering about the essence of is his last thoughts. Feeling, no matter what he did or how he did it. just wondering why his life had to end with a rope around our future. I will forward this article to my son and all of his friends, with the message, we have to do something, we have to act to save our son’s or for some of us mothers, there will be fire next time…

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