No deal for you Negro!

Rrrrrriing. Rrrrrriing.Rrrrring. “Mr.Boehner, that’s coming from the White House, are you going to answer it?” “No, f&^k that nig guy. Let it ring.”

Poor O, he can’t even get these clowns to answer his phone calls these days. Mr. Tan Man walked away from talks on the debt ceiling and it doesn’t look like he is coming back anytime soon. He held a press conference tonight and put down a marker on behalf of his wingnut friends.

I guess O thought that he had my man figured out after a few rounds of golf but he was wrong. He will never be able to get into the mind of a wingnut.

“Obama’s rhetorical floundering is the sound of a bewildered politician trying to be heard over the long, withdrawing roar of ebbing faith in a failing model of governance. From Greece to California, with manifestations in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Illinois and elsewhere, this model is collapsing. Entangled economic and demographic forces are refuting the practice of ever-bigger government financed by an ever-smaller tax base and by imposing huge costs on voiceless future generations.

Richard Miniter, a Forbes columnist, is right: “Obama is not the new FDR, but the new Gorbachev.” Beneath the tattered, fading banner of
reactionary liberalism, Obama struggles to sustain a doomed system. Democrats’ dependency agenda — swelling the ranks of government employees, multiplying government-subsidized industries, enveloping ever-more individuals in the entitlement culture — is buckling under an intractable contradiction: It is incompatible with economic growth sufficient to create enough wealth to feed the multiplying tax eaters. ” [Source]

O, with all due respect; it’s time to double down. Show George Will and others that if this is to be the end of big government we will not go down without a fight. Show them that what the progressive proposes is not “incompatible with economic growth”, but by putting people first, it is
essential for it to take place.

The people who make up the “entitlement culture” are the fat cats and corporations who have been sucking the life out of this country for their own selfish gains and giving nothing in return. Steve Wynn, for instance, has the nerve to cry a river over Obama’s policies hurting his bottom line yet his company had a growth of over 300 million dollars from the same time last year, and his stock prices have more than tripled since 2009. Yeah, some Socialist.

Sorry Mr. Wynn, it seems that the government subsidies Mr. Will complains about has only helped folks like you.

“Obama displayed frustration with the Republicans, saying Boehner had failed to return his phone calls during the day, observing it wasn’t the first time during the debt-limit talks he had been “left at the altar,” and declaring the Republicans had walked away from “an extraordinarily fair deal.”

O, my question to you would be this: Why would you want to get married to those people in the first place?