Ribs, Recalls, and Reality

August 2nd the group “Wisconsin Jobs Now” held a barbecue with free prizes and food aimed at potential Black voters in a part of the highly contested district of Alberta Darling who is facing Sandy Pasch. The effort fed people then took them to vote absentee afterwards. This activity is being questioned as to its legality since bribery is forbidden in our voting process. However these tactics have never stopped groups like ACORN or Citizen Action of Wisconsin and others from bribing people, namely Blacks in the past. Remember the “Smokes for Votes” in the Gore/Bush presidential race? In 2000, Connie Milstein of New York, provided homeless Milwaukeeans cigarettes in exchange for their “Democratic” support/vote. She was fined $5000 for her lethal campaign. Subsequently, the Milwaukee Police Department released a damning report about the state of voting and election fraud in Milwaukee city. The report exposed voting fraud in Milwaukee and the lack of action to thwart these attempts from either the Government Accountability Board or Milwaukee’s Election Commission.

But here we are again, Black folk whoring out the tiny bit of Darling’s district that is Black not for cigarettes but ribs. FOR RIBS? Seriously? And you wonder why people want to see ID’s? We didn’t sell out for jobs (because Pasch helped them get away), not for OUR community (because she had to use a GPS tracker to find us), not to say sorry about not honoring those college tuition reimbursements Doyle and her party trotted out last time and NEVER delivered on. I guess she figured the best she could do was offer a healthy “alternative” in ribs and hope to smooth over the whole “jobs /college thing” as if it was no big damn deal. Yes she does have direct ties to these organizations so she might as well have helped Speed Queen glaze the ribs herself!

Darling took the hardline and stood with Walker on the Collective Bargaining agreement. There is no need to rehash the events that followed. There is a need to point out all that has come from the historic votes and events that occurred thereafter.

  • Schools and local municipalities that did not make back door agreements with unions saw unexpected savings in their budgets. Those schools no longer were forced to work with WEA Trust, the union entity that charged extreme premiums for healthcare plans. With this savings they are now able to keep positions that were once on the chopping block, re-fund extinct or soon to be extinct programs.
  • Union members did not voluntarily sign up for memberships like we were told they would which showed that many union members were forced into the unions and when offered the chance to keep their memberships, they opted out. The unions are now going door to door begging and pleading for payments and union dues.
  • Walker also caught a break because Illinois chose to go the route our Democratic leadership wanted us to take, that being the route of tax hikes and increased fees. Businesses from all over Illinois are flocking to Wisconsin for relief and therefore bringing jobs, a healthy tax base, and prosperity to our state.
  • Our new found popularity across the nation also increased tourism and filed the hotels and attractions. Guess folks wanted to see what the hell is wrong with Wisconsin. They came for the fight but stayed for the after party!!
  • Homeowners and tax payers are not seeing increases in services and instead are able to depend on at least a few more years of financial freedom from a ridiculous tax burden.
  • We began to pay our debts to neighboring states and replenish the Dem/Pasch raped Patient Health Care Fund that the Dems had no intention of paying back.
  • For the months of May to June, Wisconsin created over 9000 jobs and voted to extend unemployment. We did good!

However Sandy Pasch and the Dems would have you to believe Wisconsin is a doomed forbidden rotting wasteland! That is simply not the case. We are moving FORWARD!!! If not than why would Lena Taylor and the 14 fleeing Dems support Milwaukee’s new cadillac streetcar if we were so desolate and forsaken? Because we can!! (Although to me that is still debatable.) You don’t see them out there screaming to the world that Wisconsin is closed for business right now. No more “Ed Show” or MSNBC fame and fortune. You want to know why that is? In part because it is tourism season and that is taboo. Secondly, they just do not have  the factual evidence to support such nonsense! They would be telling a lie even they could not get away with.

Pasch is part of the old Doyle regime of tax and spend until it hurts, and then tax some more. Her recall effort was to stick, jab and duck. She never discussed her insane voting record that inferred she never had a thought of her own and was void of any deep leadership qualities. Darling on the other hand takes it on the chin and keeps fighting. She has proposed legislation for our seniors and for our kids. Among her many battles she has proven herself a gladiator in the good old boys Wisconsin boxing ring.

Sandy is in this for Sandy alone. Let’s not get it twisted. She has not shown a care for us and nor will she ever. Darling, she is a politician. I am not a fool, but she has shown support across the aisle and across Lake Drive and her record speaks to that. Pasch went on all the radio shows and line for line recited her script of how Alberta Darling was the “devil incarnate” and how she would be the savior of us all.

Who wants to go back to the past Ms. Pasch? Please answer that question. And Mr. Ingram cannot help you answer; this one is all on you. Depleted funds, owing other states so we become like Obama and crew owing the Asians, taxing businesses to demise, raiding funds, small Black business owners not having any power or finances to fight for what’s left of the inner city, not making good on promises to OUR youth to get them into college. Sure we want to go back to that place. That and a plate of ribs to go please and thank you! NOT!

To the little part of Darling’s district that is Black; did you sell out your vote? Who thought getting a plate of ribs was worth their integrity? Did you bother to ask whitey if he would reimburse those college tuitions like he promised us? Or did you just do a little happy dance and smile for the white cameras, eating your barbeque like good little negro soldiers? Or did you take your plate and get on the bus, no questions asked? If it had been Walker or Darling would you have screamed racism? Since it was the Dems they got the Black access pass? I guess 2012 will bring us malt liquor or Icecube and Coors? What y’all want next time? Fried chicken from JJ’s? They will get it for you as long as you keep delivering your souls/votes and never cash in on the promises they make over and over again.

Black people, I am telling you we are worth more than cigarettes and the ribs we took in exchange for our pride and self-worth. We deserve better from both parties but going back to what was, is not sending a message to anyone other than our pocket books. A vote for Pasch to get back at Scott Walker won’t be felt until many years from now if at all. If you had been waiting to get payback, maybe taking a minute or two to see what was and what is, could benefit you and me. You don’t have to trust me; the facts are issued by the state and the feds. Even Obama is hanging his hat on us to save his own behind. You calling him a liar? Investigate for yourselves and be freed!! The numbers do not lie, the countless businesses moving here do not lie, and the school districts no longer beholden to their beloved unions do not lie. We are mending a broken Wisconsin.

Is there more work that needs to be done, hell yes!! We didn’t defeat Evilina and can now start singing “Can you feel a brand new day…” We are not there yet. We have only just begun, but we have to pledge our allegiance to us and not to the mighty “unions inc!” who poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the state to get their cookies back. If you do not like the Koch brothers, than you should really hate the fact that unions spent all this money to get back their playground at your expense. Think about it…The 2012 elections are right around the corner and if the unions had this much for small potato recalls in one battle ground state, something’s burning and it ain’t the ribs evidently. They had too much damn money, more than any Koch, more than Scott Walker, more than Darling or the others facing recalls, more than the entire state put together! That is a lot of power and money. If we were facing reality we would be honest and say maybe Scott Walker, on this one issue, had a point. Say it in secret and watch how good it feels to actually be stating a truth. Maybe you will join me and start saying it out loud. Watch out now!!

Seems we just do not want to admit our wrongs. What are you afraid of? Lena Taylor won’t like you? We might catch a break? You might not have to pay more for wheel taxes and photo ID fees and whatever else they can think to tax or increase? In this case whether you like the man or not, Walker made the right choice and fought the right enemy, so did Alberta Darling and so did all those who stood their ground in the face of a most nasty political fight. We are still here. Don’t let the ribs take you back to ground zero. Hell Speed Queen ain’t even that good anymore. It certainly is not worth my vote. If you are going to wine me and dine me, it’s got to be steak or lobster and nothing short of that will suffice.

Now let’s continue this movement and walk in reality and leave the ribs and the other white man’s poisons alone and get together on this road to recovery. We can do this but it takes some healthy discourse and not the crap spewed all over the TV, the radio, the billboards, and everywhere else the unions, Pelosi, and the Dems think we be at. We are not owned and the unions have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that they have been sucking us dry for far too long. They are the evil rich!! Now it is time to give them a reality check and give this governor the okay to keep moving in the current direction. And to be perfectly clear (for those of you who seem to want to tie me on the man’s buttock constantly) I am not in agreement with Walker 100%. We got work to do on him, but moving backwards to prove a point is not the answer.

Reality vs. Ribs? Which one will win? I hope at least y’all had the beef ribs or did you partake of the swine?

Peace Family,


PS….A BIG THANK YOU to all those who came out to support the Frederick Alexander Meade event. More to come but I could not rush that piece. It was too significant to be rushed. It was historic, magnificent, sealed and anointed by God and thank you to The Milwaukee Drum and Earl Ingram for giving me the tools to help get the event its proper due. Thank you Milwaukee!! WE did it, YOU did it, Meade indeed did it!!


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