Trickster Dick Morris On Herman Cain

Let me say this, some people think you (we) are really stupid. They can look into a camera, smile real wide, and let some verbal bulls–t come out of their mouths because they honestly believe you cannot decipher or understand what they are really saying. Blame it on (y)ourselves because we just keep eating up the bulls–t as though it were a fine cut of beef.

Peep this 2 minute video of Trickster Dick Morris as he politely dismisses Herman Cain after saying how great of a man he is. I think Cain is wayward and lost his mind after leaving Morehouse, but that’s my opinion. What I keep disliking about a so-called conservative party is how they have NO place in leadership for Black People who are their most ardent, loyal, and misguided servants.

Herman Cain gets dissed by Morris as if he’s some nice ‘boy’ with an incredible up-from-poverty-story. Morris talks about Newt, Huckabee, and Bachman having a more credible path to the nomination even after saying Cain embodies all the true Republican values.

Morris really is saying the following… Black Republicans/Black Conservatives/Black Tea Party Supporters we like (not love) your support and ridiculous loyalty to our party, but we have no place for you at the table of real leadership in our party.

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One Response to Trickster Dick Morris On Herman Cain

  1. littletortillas says:

    Your analysis couldn’t be further off the mark, besides this is an old video May 2011! I love Herman Cain but the point Dick was making is that he has never held public office and as such he joins the ranks of those honorable candidates (Ross Perot, etc) with the right message but ran/run a slim chance of winning. Unfortunately your perspective blinds you to the fact that you are doing the dissing.

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