“The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the grey head.” Proverbs 20:29 (KJV)

This is dedicated to someone who better not EVER go out like that again.


Dear Young, Gifted, Talented, and Black (YGTB),

Something has occured within our Black Community which needs to be addressed and I’m going to peel the scab off of it. The chasm has been widened between those in our community who possess knowledge, resources, wisdom,  creativity, and determination and those who should be moving into the fold to advance our race. It is a slow death which if prolonged, will choke off any feasible possibility for future survival and success for our people.

YGTB, I sit positioned between you and our elders… not young enough nor mature enough to be in either category. I am transitioning and this is what I want to give you now during my journey (breadcrumbs to follow). Our (some) elders have eaten of the tree of (trick)knowledge bearing the forbidden fruit integration. The false promises of this fruit tantalized those who tasted its flesh with the hope of equality to White People, justice, freedom, legacy, and political power in America (our wilderness).

YGTB, stop!!!!! I am telling you not to follow down their path! Reject this fruit and the lies which flow from its bosom. What you need only to do is observe the plight of our people and judge if the present course (last 2 generations) of our direction produced results that have uplifted the majority of our people? If you see what I do, then you agree that our condition is getting worse. Do not continue to do what has failed us.

I am determined to study, learn, have counsel with, and respect our elders in order to mature… but my goal is to take what is positive and move as many as are free-minded (and bold) in another direction which is more productive. Here’s what that means to you.

You cannot allow anyone, especially those who have never provided you with anything constructive (information, advice, uplift, resources, etc.), move you off your goals. However, it isn’t good enough for you to get yours… that’s a minimal expectation of our race for each person (education, good citizen, producer). What is necessary is that you build relationships, create organizations, build businesses, control media, control local politics, support businesses, mentor, and love your people. The things we were forced to do when we had no other options.

Whatever your style is or whatever style you jack… do it with the mindset that it is for the uplift of our race. Use the tools of the internet, the campuses, or the social places you congregate with your peers to talk about advancing your people. Love those who are among your peer group who aren’t as determined as you, but lead them at the same time.

Speak with truth, but react with understanding. Many of us don’t like to have the mirror held up to our face. YGTB, you are the mirror and many of our elders are having a problem with what they (think they) see. Too many of them either look down on you or project their own inability to lead our people to a higher level on you in terms of negative speak. Either way, the wise within our community have allowed their integration into the majority community rob them of their responsibility to reach back and lift up.

They love to have their fancy Black Tie events and pop bottles while our central cities rot and burn. They have their children’s futures mapped out as they pity (ignore) those in Public Schools and the failing Choice Schools which both produce ill-prepared students (not people).

Our elders hold the power of our spiritual houses as well, yet many, fail to unlease the power of the Black Church upon our communities to revolutionize them. Today, our spiritual houses have become retreats with walls to keep the members in and the sinners out. There was a time when preachers were on the corners, crashing bars, at the parks, in the streets telling a dying people about a living God. The spiritual house was more than a place to worship, it was a meeting place for those to come together to advance our race.

The political class of our people have failed. Reject their democratic and republican parties. Both have kept us beneath their thumbs. Reject them and form an independent political force (as Brother Minister called for in DC at the MMM) which will speak to our agenda. Help train those with political ambitions, support them financially, and breathe life into this (new) political machine and elect them to school board positions, county/city offices, and state seats. Your power is untapped because it is unorganized. Develop political capital and wield its power!

Let’s not forget Black Media or maybe we should because it has pimped us. As the Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan said Black People’s minds are being controlled and you are the agent black radio! Our people have become zombies and our minds have really become controlled by what we particiapte in from BET/TV One on down. From reality TV to Lil’ Wayne, we’ve been poisoned by large, multi-national companies. On the local level, black talk is watered down, ineffective black newspapers (sold out to ad revenues) are the norm, and forget any constructive presence on local TV.

Where are the grey heads to counsel and prepare our young for war? Where are the revolutionaries who told us it would not be televised? Where are the wise of our race who will teach the YGTB and pass the torch?

Don’t follow their path YGTB, yours is one that needs to be set on a course of true self-determination and independence which advances our race and positions us for a brighter future. Can you do that? Do you want to do that? Will you do that? If you say yes, then take in the message of this letter and let’s build together.

Power, Strength, and Liberation!

G –

It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back – Public Enemy